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Received these the other day from @sashkaco just in time for #Autism Awareness month

Received these the other day from Sashkaco, just in time for Awareness month. Some of these will be donated to the my kids school to help raise funds for the students. This is a school for kids with Autism and the funds raised at the next family night will go to a special event for …

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We took the kids to the park this weekend

We got out of the house for a little bit.

We have become quite fascinated by our fish tank

We have become quite fascinated by our fish tank As a family, we have become enamored with the fish and little creatures in our fresh-water tank. We almost spend more time staring into this glass cube of water, than we do watching TV. Anyway, the boys love watching the fish, shrimp, snails and crayfish do …

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Have you ever seen anyone look more guilty before?

Have you ever seen anyone look more guilty before?

This is the look of a dog who just spent 20 minutes outside, only to come back into the house and pooped on the floor.

My new writing buddy

Ruby is glued to me a large portion of the day. This is where you can typically find her while I’m in my favorite writing seat. She’s become my new writing buddy… ☺

Behind the Scenes – Downtime with my youngest

There are times where the only thing I can do to help Emmett is to simply stop everything and snuggle. Emmett hasn’t been feeling well and on the edge of a meltdown for the last couple of days. Many kids with Autism don’t like to be touched but Emmett is someone who responds positively to …

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Ruby fell asleep on my lap

So I’ve found a new subject for my amateur photography hobby. Right now I’m loving taking pictures of Ruby. For one thing, she’s adorable and the other is she’s super cooperative. ☺ The ferrets are impossible to photograph clearly because they never stay still. I need a way better camera to capture them. Perhaps someday… …

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3 pictures of moments that made me smile

We all have our good days and our bad days. Yesterday was a blend of both good and bad but there were also some bright spots as well. I wanted to highlight a couple of these bright spots because they made me smile. First up is courtesy of Mr. Gavin. His new IVIG infusion pump …

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