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(Poll) Does your child with #Autism struggle with the holiday’s?

It’s that time of year again and for many Autism families, it can be extremely challenging. It’s not that we inherently hate the holidays but it’s hard to look forward to them when we know how difficult it’s going to be for our kids with Autism. All the excitement, crowds,… Read more »

(Poll) As an Autism parent, do you get frustrated with unsolicited advice?

I wanted to address something that can be really frustrating for me and that’s unsolicited advice. I also know it’s fairly common for Autism families to get unsolicited advice, usually from well meaning people, but not always. I totally understand that I put myself out there by writing about my… Read more »

(Poll) Does your child with Autism struggle on the Holidays?

The holiday’s in our Autism family have historically been very challenging for a multitude of reasons. The kids are easily overwhelmed by all the excitement, large crowds, traveling and just about every other part of the holidays. We will see frequent meltdowns due to overstimulation and this can last for… Read more »

(Poll) Why my family gets the flu shot each year, does yours?

We have to be very careful when it comes to exposing Gavin to any type of illness because he’s living with a severely compromised immune system. Considering his labs have been bad as well, we have an bigger reason to be careful. It’s for these above reasons, it’s extremely important… Read more »

(Poll) Does the world treat your special needs family fairly?

Life is tough forany Special Needs families out there. I know first hand how difficult it can be to navigate life with all the added responsibilities, exhaustion, challenges and anxieties associated with Special Needs parenting. The world doesn’t seem to be very forgiving for families in these types of situations,… Read more »

Does your child with #Autism miss a lot of school?

Does your child with Autism miss a lot of school? I’m hoping to get an idea of what parents with kids on the Autism Spectrum are dealing with when it comes to school and missed days. Please take a minute and answer the poll below and then share it so… Read more »

(Poll) Does your child with #Autism have feeding problems?

Many Autism parents struggle with feeding their child with Autism. The most common reason for these types of feeding issues are sensory related. I face these same issues, especially with my youngest. Things like texture, color, smell, packaging and even different foods touching or sharing the same plate can be… Read more »