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(Poll) Is your child with #Autism verbal or non-verbal?

I want to gauge how many of your loved ones with Autism are verbal vs non-verbal. My hope is to help people connect with others who are dealing with similar challenges. Please feel free to share your story in the comments below. This is not meant to infer that one is more… Read more »

(Poll) How common are sleep issues for kids with #Autism? Find out here.

Have you ever wondered if other Autism parents are dealing with some of the same challenging things that you are? If you have, this post is probably for you. We all know that sleep is a problem for many families touched by Autism, but have you ever wondered how common… Read more »

(Poll) How hard is it to find a sitter for your child with #Autism

I wanted to share this rather eye-opening conversation raging on my Facebook page right now. I asked a really important question, that I’m hoping helps provide insight into one of the biggest challenges facing Autism parents. How hard is it to find a sitter for your child with #Autism? Please… Read more »

(Poll) Has your special needs child been bullied?

I have published dozens of polls, trying to help provide you with the experiences of people across the globe. Today’s poll is one that I’m heartbroken posting but I feel it’s extremely important to do so. Has your child with Autism or other special needs been the victim of bullying?… Read more »

(Poll) Which WordPress Commenting System Do You Prefer?

I try to keep this blog as user/reader friendly as I possibly can, without sacrificing functionality. One of the features of this blog is often up for debate, and that’s the commenting system I use. I’d like to know what commenting system you prefer to use. When deciding, please consider… Read more »

How challenging is it to raise a child with #Autism? Find out here.

When I try to relay how challenging it is for my wife and I to raise three kids with Autism. I do the best I can to help people understand. One of the things working against me is that I’m only one voice, and my situation is more complicated than… Read more »

(Poll) Does the world understand the challenges you face as an #Autism parent?

I wanted to take a minute and ask a very basic question of the Autism parenting community. As a parent to a child(ren) with Autism, do you feel that the world understands the challenges you face on a daily basis?