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Does your child with #Autism miss a lot of school?

Does your child with Autism miss a lot of school? I’m hoping to get an idea of what parents with kids on the Autism Spectrum are dealing with when it comes to school and missed days. Please take a minute and answer the poll below and then share it so… Read more »

(Poll) Does your child with #Autism have feeding problems?

Many Autism parents struggle with feeding their child with Autism. The most common reason for these types of feeding issues are sensory related. I face these same issues, especially with my youngest. Things like texture, color, smell, packaging and even different foods touching or sharing the same plate can be… Read more »

(Poll) Is your child with #Autism verbal or non-verbal?

I want to gauge how many of your loved ones with Autism are verbal vs non-verbal. My hope is to help people connect with others who are dealing with similar challenges. Please feel free to share your story in the comments below. This is not meant to infer that one is more… Read more »

(Poll) How common are sleep issues for kids with #Autism? Find out here.

Have you ever wondered if other Autism parents are dealing with some of the same challenging things that you are? If you have, this post is probably for you. We all know that sleep is a problem for many families touched by Autism, but have you ever wondered how common… Read more »

(Poll) How hard is it to find a sitter for your child with #Autism

I wanted to share this rather eye-opening conversation raging on my Facebook page right now. I asked a really important question, that I’m hoping helps provide insight into one of the biggest challenges facing Autism parents. How hard is it to find a sitter for your child with #Autism? Please… Read more »