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(Autism Poll) Does your child with Autism have issues sleeping?

Autism Parenting comes with blessings and sacrifice. One of the biggest sacrifices come in the form of sleep deprivation.

Please take a second and share your experience with sleep by voting in the poll. Feel free to share this poll with your friends and see how your experience stacks up with that of other #Autism parents around the world.

(Autism Poll) How often do you feel overwhelmed by all that being an Autism parent entails? Please Vote

Today’s poll is all about being overwhelmed.  Please take a second and vote based in your experience. Please feel free to pass this along and help me gain more insight into the lives of Autism families.  

(Autism Poll) Are the people in your life understanding/supportive of your #Autism #Family? 

As an Autism parent, there are many things that make life challenging but one of the most difficult is in regards to relationships with friends and family after an Autism diagnosis. We’ve been fortunate in the sense that the majority of our family is very supportive but they don’t truly… Read more »

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