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(Review) This TENS Unit is Amazing

I ordered this TENS Unit by Techcare after my wife received the same model a few weeks ago for a review she’s working on. I suffered a major back injury in 2001 while working as a firefighter paramedic. I’ve been living in pain ever since. For the most part, I’m okay now, but I have flare-ups that …

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Review: Rechargeable Magnetic Night Light with Motion Sensor

Review of the Rechargeable Magnetic Night Light with Motion Sensor I received this item for review purposes. I accepted this review with the intention of using it as a night light for Elliott.. It arrived a couple of days ago and ended up being smaller than I had anticipated. Having said that, I actually appreciate …

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Thanks NaturalRays for the incredibly useful Ultra-Portable Outdoor Waterproof Boombox Speaker

“I want to give a shout out to NaturalRays and quick review of the NaturalRays Ultra-Portable Outdoor Waterproof Boombox Speaker… This is a little late but I wanted to get this out there because I have used the crap out of this super tiny bluetooth speaker and love it. “

Thanks to our friends at Dapple for the samples (@dapplebaby) 

Thanks Dapple for the samples of your Pure ‘N Clean Dish Liquid.

Flatterbox makes an awesome Father’s Day gift (@flatterbox)

If you’re looking for a really awesome Father’s Day gift for that special Dad in your life, check out Flatterbox. I was asked to experience the process and share my thoughts. I’m currently building one myself (for review purposes) and while I haven’t received the final product yet, I wanted to make sure you all …

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Review: Hickies can allow your child with #Autism put their shoes on without assistance (@Hickies)

How many of your special needs kids struggle with tying their shoes? How many parents out their would love a better alternative than velcro? If you answered yes to any of these two questions, this post may just change your life or at least make it easier.

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