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Thanks NaturalRays for the incredibly useful Ultra-Portable Outdoor Waterproof Boombox Speaker

“I want to give a shout out to NaturalRays and quick review of the NaturalRays Ultra-Portable Outdoor Waterproof Boombox Speaker… This is a little late but I wanted to get this out there because I have used the crap out of this super tiny bluetooth speaker and love it. “

Flatterbox makes an awesome Father’s Day gift (@flatterbox)

If you’re looking for a really awesome Father’s Day gift for that special Dad in your life, check out Flatterbox. I was asked to experience the process and share my thoughts. I’m currently building one myself (for review purposes) and while I haven’t received the final product yet, I wanted… Read more »

Review: Hickies can allow your child with #Autism put their shoes on without assistance (@Hickies)

How many of your special needs kids struggle with tying their shoes? How many parents out their would love a better alternative than velcro? If you answered yes to any of these two questions, this post may just change your life or at least make it easier.

Thank You Snappers for the amazing samples (Review) @SnappersSnack

Let me begin by staying THANK YOU to Snappers for all the samples I received last week.  I get samples from companies all the time but OMG, these were amazing. If you noticed I used the word were and that’s because they lasted just long enough to take pictures of them… Read more »