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The 2 awards my kids received this week 

Elliott and Emmett have both received an award from school this week. Elliott received the below certificate, for completely the math groups listed on the paper. I’m not entirely sure what those are or how they were given to him but, he knocked them out and that makes me proud. ☺ Emmett received an award …

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How my kids did at school today may not surprise you

Both boys had a great day at school, despite having a rough start to the day. While this isn’t a surprise because they almost always have good days, I never take these days for granted.  I’m proud of my kids for doing their best and I’m grateful they came home with a smile on their …

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I’m one proud Daddy

Elliott came home from school today with his very first test having been graded.  I’d say that we’re off to a good start this year….   I’m a very proud Daddy… ☺️