City Life is Hard: Learn to Streamline

Times are a-changin', and if you don't keep up with them, no one is going to look back and try to help you up. Of course, you can always just sit in a woodland hut out in the wilderness, hunting for food, your choice. Living in the city is though and it can prove to be quite the ordeal, constant rat race, stress on every corner, big spendings just waiting to pounce on your hard earned money. It really is as bad as it sounds, and yet, everyone keeps coming back to the city, or justbnever leaving in the first place. There is a certain appeal which you cannot really place your finger on, but it’s there. Maybe it’s something to do with running water, central heating or good internet…


Moving Home With Kids Ain’t Easy; Relocating With Autistic Kids Is Harder Still

This is a sponsored post  Any parent who has ever relocated after having children will confirm that it can be a challenging period. After all, the prospect of leaving behind everything they know – from friends to school – can be rather daunting for kids to accept. When a child suffers from autism, though, a whole host of additional issues are thrown into the mix.  Still, this cannot stop you from making the move that could open the door to a brighter future for the family. Here are some top tips we’ve gained from experience over the years, such as times when we’ve helped other families complete their relocations. Image: Children Need Time All kids need time to adjust and prepare for the move, but this is especially true for…

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Colgate and MagnusCards helping Special Needs kids with oral hygiene #ColgatePartner

This post is sponsored by #ColgatePartner and is intended to share my family’s experiences using their oral hygiene social stories to help our kids with Autism maintain good oral hygiene. Being an Autism parent is full of many challenges. We all face a unique set of circumstances, but there are usually a few common threads that tie us all together. One of the challenges my family faces is regarding helping our kids with Autism learn personal hygiene. In my experience, with my kids, personal hygiene is something that doesn't seem to come naturally, especially with my oldest. One of the most essential elements of personal hygiene is maintaining good oral health. This has always been problematic because my oldest struggles with a lack of self-awareness and reduced memory function. He…


Neurodevelopment and the Scientific Link to Autism

Disclaimer: Sponsored posts do not necessarily reflect my personal beliefs.  Neurodevelopment and the Scientific Link to Autism It’s been a few years now since the amazing discoveries made by the New Jersey based think tank The Center for Modeling Optimal Outcomes®, LLC. During their research into the field of neuroscience they inadvertently stumbled upon a scientific link to autism as discussed here. What’s astonishing is the overall lack of effort made towards implementing any plans to investigate this matter further on part of the health and pharmaceutical industries. The best we can do is circulate the information we know. So what was essentially discovered was the similarity in patterns between the cascade of hormones originating in the hypothalamus and various other neurohormones and neurotransmitters. This recognition revealed a step by step, repeatable…


Little Ways You Can Look After Your Little Ones

How often do you think how about hard it is being a parent? Making sure your kids do well at school, stay safe and happy. But while you’ll probably always find things to worry about when looking out for your children’s health, there are many little ways in which you can look after your little ones that matter just as much