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We had a few pretty awesome #Autism victories this weekend

There are quite a few positive things to celebrate this weekend. It’s sorta hard to focus on them because the boys are really struggling and that tends to overshadow things.  That being said, I wanted to shine the light on a few things that have been positive before continuing on with the less pleasant reality …

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Today’s Victory: Putting Others First

This is a bit early for a Today’s Victory but I was so impressed that I pulled the trigger and gave the award to Mr. Gavin.  We all know how picky Emmett is about everything in his life and if you don’t, he’s really, really, really, really picky. I’m talking so picky that it’s very …

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Today’s Major #Autism Victory: Eating Dinner

I don’t have to explain how difficult it can be to get a child with Autism and/or Sensory Processing Disorder to most of you because you live it everyday.  This type of food proclivities run rampant in The Autism Dad household and meal times are very challenging as a result.  It’s for this reason that …

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Today’s Victory: Survival

It was a really difficult day but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything for me to be grateful for… Sometimes when your a special needs parent and despite your best efforts, you just can’t tip the scales in your direction. This happens quite a bit in my life but on those days, I don’t focus …

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Today’s Victory: A Few Moments of Peace

As difficult as Saturday was, we weren’t without our little victories..  As I mentioned in the previous post, Emmett really struggled today and there wasn’t much I could do to provide him comfort and relief.  I was able to keep him distracted for a little while by playing Minecraft together. We just sorta snuggled on …

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I’m so grateful my kids let me rest this afternoon

I’m so grateful to the boys for letting me nap a little bit this afternoon. I haven’t been feeling well since I got up this morning. I don’t know if it’s something I ate or if it’s a stomach bug but I’ve been really nauseous and I can’t get rid of this headache.  For the …

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