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Wishes Can Happen Granted My Son’s Biggest Wish (All The Pictures)

I wanted to put all the pictures from our Wishes Can Happen trip to Give Kids the World in one place. People have suggested putting everything in one place because it’s easier to view them all and refer back to if need be.

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What is #Autism?

This may be redundant to many of us, living everyday in the trenches. The world is full of people who have no idea what Autism is. If you are wondering what Autism is or want to point someone in the right direction, look no further.

This information is straight from the Mayo Clinic, one of the most respected medical facilities in the world.

Feeling guilty because I’m frustrated with my Special Needs son

Today was full of ups and downs. If you know anything about being a special needs parent, you’re likely aware that it’s often a roller-coaster of emotions. Frankly, this is one of the reasons life is so hard because the ride never stops. Elliott and Emmett have been Elliott and… Read more »

Being a Special Needs parent has been so heartbreaking recently

I write a great deal about being an Autism and Special Needs Parent. I’ve done this for close to a decade now and I don’t plan on quiting anytime soon. There’s a tremendous need for awareness and by sharing our story, it helps others to understand. One of the things… Read more »

Have you ever bathed a ferret?

It’s been a few months since the last time we did this but it was high time to give the ferrets a bath. It’s not recommended that you bathe a ferret more than a few times a year because doing so, can actually make them smell worse. Emmett and I… Read more »

5 Lifestyle Essentials To Try Out This Year

This is a contributed post and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this blog or its author. https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-sitting-near-large-body-of-water-under-clear-sky-during-sunset-164293/ If you’re someone that tends to get into a routine, then it’s safe to say that you like things to be constant in your life. However, as effective as being… Read more »

Praying I wake up to good news

We never got Gavin’s lab results and I’m struggling with that tonight. His numbers have gone from dangerously low to sort of okay and back to dangerous in a matter of days. There’s a chance it was lab error but which one was in error? Was it the sorta better… Read more »

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