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Two of my three kids with #Autism are still awake at 2am

Not long after my wife and I went to bed, both Elliott and Emmett woke up and can’t go back to sleep. Rather than battling to keep them in bed and ultimately losing, I opted to eventually just camp out in the living room.  It’s honestly, the best chance I have at getting them to …

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I’m worried about the new school year for a couple reasons

The boys start school this week.  They’re actually starting much earlier than they have in previous years.  Normally, they begin school around the second week in September, give or take. We’re going to start with the positive side of things first and then get into what has me worried. I’m ready for them to go …

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I think the cookout went okay

We got home a couple hours ago from our first family cookout/get together since Lizze moved home. I think all things considered, it went pretty well.  It’s going to be a work in progress as we move forward but move forward we must.   The boys had fun, although our stay was almost cut really …

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This is the last thing on our reunification bucket list

We decided to arrive a bit early to this cookout because Lizze felt more comfortable being the first. It makes total sense because we wouldn’t be walking into to a house full of people. They will be walking into a house with us already in it.   It was my idea and I thought this …

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I so totally need a nap

I’m totally dragging today. I feel like I haven’t slept in a really long time.   We’ve got a big day ahead of us and that’s probably why I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m stressed out and worried about how everything is going to go today. I so totally need a nap. 

This is what @vivintgivesback enables me to do

I was talking the other day about Gavin’s bad reaction to his IVIG infusion. He got sick and I needed to be able to keep an eye on him without being in the same room.   Thanks to the Vivint Gives Back project, I’ve been able to provide my family with some amazing technology, that not only …

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