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Art By Emmett: #Minecraft

i wanted to share this picture that Emmett, my youngest of three with Autism, drew for me. 😀 As with most kids, Emmett is very much into Minecraft and loves drawing pictures that reflect his interests. He just decided to draw this for me as a surprise and I just love it.. ❤️ As always, …

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Trying to maintain balance as a single parent of 3 with #Autism

It would be dubious of me to say that I haven’t spent the first part of the day sleeping in the couch. The truth is, I have been passed out on the couch, awake when the boys needed me but otherwise down for the count.  The reason behind this is something I know many of …

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How I’m helping my son with #Autism manage his #anxiety

Every once in awhile, I come up with a way to help my kids learn to better manage their inherent anxiety, in a healthy way. This doesn’t happen all that often but whenever it does, I feel pretty damn good.  I’ve been trying to help Elliott manage his extreme anxiety but that’s proven to be …

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The Best News I’ve Received In Forever

I recently went to dinner with my Dad and my cousin, while the boys were with their Mom for a few hours.  Raising three special needs kiddos on my own doesn’t allow for many night out, so I was excited to have that opportunity.  We went to our favorite Chinese buffet where I ate way …

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Something stinks here :(

I meant to share this last night but it just never happened. I was up all night building this brand new site from scratch. It must have been about 3am when I finally called it quits and went to let Maggie outside before I dragged myself to bed. In hindsight, I’m actually really lucky that …

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Welcome to The #Autism Dad Blog

There comes a time in everyone’s journey, that a fork in the road is reached. When that time comes, a decision is often required before you’re able to continue moving forward.    I’ve realized that Lost and Tired has reached that fork in the road.  There were a number of reasons I’ve found myself here but …

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My Broken Heart: The True Story of The Bare-Handed Man

Why do we treat those with disabilities so cruelly? This story happened on February 22, 2011, and forever changed my life. Please help me share it. This is why we desperately need #Autism Awareness… As scene on @CNN Mon April 16, 2012.