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I was not in a good place when I wrote this

Disclaimer: This post is meant to provide insight into my state of mind in this very moment. I’m writing this in an attempt to process these feelings and deal with them in a positive way. I’m far from perfect but I get up each morning and do my very best to be what everyone needs …

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A little routine I have with my kids on the #Autism Spectrum

Everyday, I arrive at the school about an hour early, start the parent pickup line and enjoy the quiet. I’ve been doing this for years. During the before (what we call the 2 year separation), this was really important because the kids were struggling and they felt reassured to see me there early each day. …

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I wasn’t doing so well this morning

I had a rough night trying to sleep. It’s all allergy related but it still makes sleeping very difficult for me. Lizze was kind enough to get the kids to school this morning. Actually, it was only Emmett because Elliott is quite clearly not feeling well. Anyway, I’m feeling much better after getting some sleep. …

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This almost never happens

All in all, it’s been a pretty good evening. I made a decent dinner and since Elliott and Emmett were still at my parents, I only had to cook one time instead of multiple times. Not only that, but everyone left in the house ate it. ☺ This almost never happens but I’m grateful when …

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I hate seeing him upset like this

It’s been a rough evening thus far, and it’s only 6:30 PM. Gavin has had several freak outs since we’ve been home. A freak out is not the same thing as a meltdown because they typically don’t last as long. Basically, this is what we call it when Gavin gets really upset over something and …

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Here’s what happened at @AkronChildrens today

We ended up not seeing the doctor we thought we were supposed to and while we were initially thrown off at first, we really like the new one.. There was a great deal of information but I’m going to make this as quick and concise as possible. Basically, there are at least a few tests …

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