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It’s a little gross but this is what happened

I can’t believe I’m telling you this but in the spirit sharing, I wanted to explain where I’ve been today, or rather why I haven’t written. First of all, I’ve been home. ☺ I’ve never mentioned this before because it never occurred to me that it was relavent. The only reason it is now is …

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It’s time to get ready for Christmas

Our goal for today is to get the house ready so we can put up the Christmas tree. The kids are chomping at the bit to get the tree up. I promised we would get that done this weekend and they are holding me to it, every single minute they are awake. lol Once we …

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Today marked the third time in a row that Gavin has done his own IVIG Infusion, start to finish. I can’t tell you how proud of him I am. When I look back 5 or 6 years, I remember how much he struggled with needles. It would literally take half a dozen people to draw …

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Here’s what’s stressing me out today

No one’s life is perfect and I’m certainly claiming mine is worse than yours. I’m simply sharing what is causing me a great deal of stress. Being an Autism parent is stressful enough on the best of days and unfortunately, there aren’t too many the best of days. Between lack of sleep and the demands …

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A great start

It was one of those mornings where Lizze and I slept in a little later than we should have. Once we got moving, the boys did well and off to school we went. Thank God the lunch plans I made for the boys last night worked out because I was worried about what they were …

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Today’s Victory: They tried new food tonight but did they like it

I picked the boys up from school this afternoon and both had a good day. I didn’t hear any complaints about anything and I’m happy with that. ☺ On the way home, we stopped at Little Ceasars to pick up stuff for their lunches tomorrow but when we arrived, they were closed for remodeling. I …

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