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Our plans have changed

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Our plans have changed and Lizze no longer has an appointment today. We officially have absolutely nothing on the schedule for today. Lizze and I are watching the news and the boys are playing in their room. Gavin is sleeping off his morning meds but otherwise feeling fine. ☺ I’m… Read more »

I need to make sure Gavin’s okay

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Lizze has a doctor’s appointment today and I’m thinking about making the boys walk the track with me while we’re waiting for her. The boys and I will have about an hour to kill and that’s more than enough time to take a trip around the track. The signals bad… Read more »

My goals for the next year

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My plans for an extended morning walk were changed at the last minute because I forgot about having to do Gavin’s bloodwork. I didn’t sleep well the night before and that just added another obstacle for me. Anyway, I’m not giving up and whether I go to the track or… Read more »

How Gavin handled tonight is a blessing

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Gavin had his IVIG infusion tonight because and it went pretty well. In fact, Gavin set the entire thing up, all by himself. The only thing he didn’t do was please the needles in his stomach. This is a pretty big step forward for him. There weren’t any side effects… Read more »

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone

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I’m still waiting for Gavin’s lab results to come in. I hate these waits and I wish we could receive the results directly from the lab, rather than wait for the doctor to call. It’s not like we need anything interpreted. I simply need to know what his numbers are…. Read more »

Nervously awaiting the results

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I took Gavin to get his bloodwork done this morning. We are checking the cell line levels across the board. It’s been about two weeks since his last labs were drawn and I’m nervous about learning the results. One of the reasons we’re checking today is because Gavin was sick… Read more »