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Elliott’s absolutely miserable

Poor Elliott has been up all night because he’s not feeling well. We’re suspecting Strep throat but we’re going to see how he’s doing today before taking him in. His throat began hurting yesterday evening and it’s progressively gotten worse. He’s running a lower grade fever but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything because we believe …

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Too cute

Elliott was having a frustrating day and Ruby decided that he needed her to sit on his chest and keep him safe.. Too cute….  

How it all began

It’s been a great day and I’m going to bed tonight, feeling extremely accomplished.. ☺ I have spent a great deal of time, working on something very important to me and I hope you’ll find it interesting as well. I have successfully merged over 7,000 posts from Lost and Tired, dating all the way back …

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Fabulous morning

It’s been a good morning here in The Autism Dad household. The boys got off to school without an trouble and I even got in a morning walk. It’s 35°F but it didn’t feel that way at all. The sun is out and it’s truly a gorgeous start to the week. I’m hoping this will …

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I’m suddenly not feeling well

All of a sudden, I’ve started not feeling well. It’s not really anything new and it’s probably still the Paxil related stuff because it still is impacting me. On one hand, it sucks to feel like this all the time. On the other hand, things do seem to be getting better, albeit slowly. I simply …

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It was just the guys today

Lizze has been out with her Mom all day and that means it’s just been us. We spent the afternoon watching the Cavs beat the Pacers, we decided to go to the park. The boys went exploring and Pokémon hunting. Gavin wandered around aimlessly for a little while but had fun. Spring is definitely out …

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