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Here’s how I’m dealing with our broken down car

With any luck, the exhaust on the car should be fized before lunchtime. That’s of course, assuming everything goes off without a hitch. My Mom is taking the boys to school in the AM. I’ll load the exhaust into the car and make my way to the repair shop, where I have an early morning …

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I’m trying to remain positive

Today’s been a challenge for me on a few levels. We finally were ready to remove Maggie’s kennel from the house and that sucked. Noone wanted to remove it before today and we respected that because we thought it might help them work through things. It seems to have helped and that’s a positive thing. …

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My 5 biggest #Autism Parenting worries and how I’m addressing them

If being an Autism parent was a video game, the difficulty setting would the three or four notches above the highest setting. That’s not meant to be a joke. Autism Parenting requires more from a human being than most human beings are capable of. My wife and I are no exceptions to this. Over the …

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Does this make me the monster I feel like I am?

I’m going to cut to the chase. Putting things bluntly, Gavin is driving me absolutely crazy and I’m not as patient with him as I should be or as much as he deserves. He’s constantly asking me the same questions and sharing outload, every thought that pops into his head. It’s exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming. …

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Emmett’s Martial Arts Tournament Results (Tons of Pictures AND Video)

It’s been a long day, but I’ve finally recovered enough to write this post. I’m going to keep this brief and let the pictures/videos do the talking. ☺ Emmett had his martial arts tournament on Saturday morning and it was a pretty awesome experience. I had originally thought this was going to be something that …

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I’m really pushing myself today

We leave for Emmett’s martial arts thing in about an hour. I’m absolutely not feeling well and I just want to go back to bed. Obviously, that’s not an option. I’m going to have to really push myself this morning. I know how important this is to Emmett and I will not be the reason …

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