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All the reasons I can’t sleep tonight

I’m having a tough time sleeping tonight. Emmett has been up once or twice already and seeks to glue himself to my person. If we ask him why he’s awake, he gets angry and growls.  I will say that on a positive note, I checked his temperature a couple times… Read more »

#Autism Parents – 5 ideas to help you take better care of yourself 

There’s a whole lot going on during Autism Awareness month. There’s a huge focus put on people becoming more aware, understanding and excepting of those with Autism. That’s certainly not a bad thing at all.  Having said that, one thing that often goes unmentioned has to do with the parents… Read more »

Shareable #Autism Quotes

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As I continue my efforts going forward, I want to put out my own little pieces of social media friendly Autism or Autism Parenting related quotes, advice and facts.  Stop the blame game. Don’t even go down the road of searching for someone or something to blame. People often blame… Read more »

Making the best out of the cards we’ve been dealt

We got off to a rough start today. Between oversleeping and a decent meltdown, I’m spent. My back is still a major issue at the moment and that makes things worse for me.  Thank God for Elliott’s level of cooperation this morning. He did really amazing and I couldn’t be… Read more »

My son with #Autism is driving me crazy today – Here’s why

Gavin is having one of those days where he drives me absolutely crazy. The level to which he’s driving me crazy today would be impressive, if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s driving me crazy.  The latest mile down the road to crazy he’s taken me on, has to… Read more »

10 Things all new #Autism parents need to know 

It’s not very often that I outright give anyone advice. I may stress the importance of certain things, but I dislike telling anyone what to do because everyone’s situation is so different and I’m not walking in your shoes. Having said that, and in the spirit of Autism Awareness month,… Read more »