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It’s gonna be a huge day for Elliott

On Monday, July 17th, Elliott will finally be getting back into occupational therapy. He’s been on the wait list for over a year and was originally scheduled at the beginning of the month but the OT needed to reschedule. I’m not entirely sure who’s more excited, me or Elliott. lol He really needs this. I …

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I squeezed in this much sleep lately night

I was able to squeeze in four hours and six minutes of sleep last night. That’s almost a record for me, so that’s awesome. I’m feeling pretty good today, and more motivated than usual to accomplish some things around the house. Lizze is on her way home, but unfortunately, isn’t feeling well. Hopefully the four …

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Heartbreaking signs that he’s getting worse

Gavin’s showing more and more signs of regression. As someone who sees him all day every day, it’s harder to pick up on things like this because it’s generally a gradual process. When someone sees him for the first time in awhile, it’s much easier for them to pick up on the changes. I’ve been …

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Our guy time has come to an end

The boys and I had a great guys day yesterday. Lizze will be home in a few his from her trip with her Mom, and our guy time will come to an end for now. Last night we walked the track again. Emmett only had to stop a few times to fix his crocs and …

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I simply cannot leave my kids

This was the first time that Lizze has been away since our separation. That ended over a year ago, and she’s been here ever since. I’m super excited that she’s getting to spend time with her Mom this weekend, because that’s really important. To be honest, I’m a bit envious that she gets away. She …

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Our first night on our own

The boys and I had a pretty good evening. Lizze left after dinner and won’t be back until sometime Sunday. We went for a forty minute walk at the park, before undoing our efforts with a trip to Walgreens to pick up some movie snacks. We ended up renting the new Surfs movie on Dish. …

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