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Elliott’s dealing with frequent hesdaches

Poor Elliott is fighting off another headache. He’s been getting these more and more frequently. Lizze has a long sorted history with headaches/migraines, so it’s not too surprising that Elliott is as well.  The difference is that nothing helps Lizze’s migraines because they are believed to neurovascular in nature.  Elliott seems to respond well to …

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I’ve officially applied to Make A Wish for my son

At 2 am this morning, I was unable to sleep. I’ve got many things on my mind and I couldn’t shutdown. One of those things weighing heavy was this whole Make-A-Wish thing for Gavin. I began the process after Gavin’s immunologist suggested we apply last year. The process halted for a variety of reasons, but …

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He’s getting worse and I can’t hide from that truth anymore

It’s becoming more and more difficult to pretend that Gavin’s not getting worse. I know he’s never going to get better, and that’s something both my wife and me have come to accept over the years. While I’ve accepted that fact, it’s not that cut and dry. Gavin’s in an almost constant state of decompensation. …

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A degree of normalcy buried beneath a shitload of #Autism 

The boys definitely were having a rougher day yesterday. Elliott and Emmett can be best friends or worst enemies. I suppose that’s part for the course when it comes to brothers.  There is a degree of normalcy here but it’s buried beneath a shitload of triggers, and made worse because of inabilities to cope.  I’m …

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Another picture of the baby Bluejay from yesterday (Photography)

Another picture of the baby Bluejay from yesterday (Photography) This guy was just so cute, and I have a bunch of pictures I’ll share. I haven’t seen him again, but the parents are still around being super protective.  Thankfully, Maggie isn’t a dog that goes after little creatures like this. She may sniff it a …

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We had a special little visitor yesterday afternoon (Photography)

We had a special little visitor yesterday afternoon (Photography) I stumbled across this little guy on our front porch. It’s Mom and Dad were acting very concerned. I went out to make sure there wasn’t a stray cat causing a problem, but couldn’t find anything. I sat and watched the parents for awhile, in hopes …

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