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Our Easter was derailed but we made the best of it

As I’m writing this entry, we have two kids who’ve come down with a respiratory bug. Elliott and Emmett are both not feeling well. Elliott was running a relatively high fever of 102.2°F. Emmett is showing the same symptoms as his older brother, but with added unpleasantness of still being inside of a fever cycle.  …

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Holiday’s can be really tough for #Autism Parents and here’s why

Easter, as with pretty much any freaking holiday that we celebrate, puts my wife and I into a position where we need to decide whether we go to see family or stay at home.  At its most basic level, this is the choice between dealing with major fallout, or limiting the amount of fallout we …

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OMG…. The overstimulation 

The boys arrived home tonight in a pretty decent, but absolutely overstimulated mood. Lizze’s mom called to say that she apologized in advance because the boys are going to be a handful, and that they were. 😁  They had gone and done some Easter Egg hunts and one of the places involved dropping thousands of …

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Why I’m focused on the now and not the future

In life, there are always things to worry about. Sometimes however, one has to focus on the now, and put the worries for the future to the side. Today is one of those such days.  After all the unforseen expenses that occurred this month, our financial resources for this month have pretty much dried up.  While …

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Feeding Emmett is getting more challenging 

I wanted to share a quick example of why it’s so hard to keep Emmett, my youngest with Autism, fed.  Below you will see a picture of a piece of pizza that Emmett wanted to eat this morning. After heating it up however, he began to panic and ultimately decided that he couldn’t eat it …

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Confessions of a struggling and stressed out #Autism Dad

This is going to be a super honest post. I’ve not written one like this in awhile because I got tired of judgemental and ridicule from people who don’t get it.  One of my regular readers has been encouraging me to return to some of my more brutally honest writings because it provides further insight, …

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