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Something awesome is planned for today 

We have a big day ahead of us. Provided that everything goes well for both parties, a play date will happen this afternoon. The boys will be hopefully playing with some friends from school this afternoon.  I say provided everything goes well for both parties because our other families have unpredictable lives and things simply …

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Today’s Victory: You won’t believe what Emmett did tonight

The paycheck came today and I decided to take the family out to Cracker Barrel for dinner. We haven’t been out to dinner as a family for a long time, and there’s good reason for that.  We haven’t had the money to do things like this for awhile. Secondly, it’s fucking hard to get three …

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Electricity into my lower back

I woke up this morning and my back is completely out. I have a major back injury, and for the most part, I’m okay. Sometimes however, things can get bad, and significantly impact my ability to do just any anything. Thankfully, Lizze is reviewing a portable tens unit and I’m currently zapping my lower back …

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#Autism Parenting: Some days are worse than others

We had a really challenging day. Rather, Emmett had a very challenging day, and subsequently, so did the rest of us.  Any parent would gladly take away their child’s burden and shoulder it themselves, but when it comes to Autism, there’s no possibility of that. No matter what we do, sometimes we just can’t help …

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Gavin had a bad reaction to his #IVIG infusion

Gavin gets his IVIG infusion this morning, but I’m a tiny bit concerned. When he had his last infusion on Friday or Saturday, he got sick afterwards. He began not feeling well about an hour after it was done.  He soon became sick to his stomach and needed his anti-nausea medication, in order to make …

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This sets a terrible tone for the day

It was a rough night. Emmett woke up after a really bad nightmare and never went back to bed. He woke up shortly after midnight, just as Lizze and I were going to bed.  There was zero chance of getting him back to sleep and in order to prevent him from waking anyone else up, …

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