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The absolute last thing I expected to happen

It was a typical Sunday night. Lizze and I had settled in to watch the series finale of Teen Wolf, when I received a message from one of the boys teachers. I typically ignore most of the messages because they’re usually nothing that pertains to us directly. For whatever reason I checked it and learned …

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The week leading up to our 1st vacation in 20 years

We are counting down the days until we climb into the rental van and make our way to Florida, in order to watch Gavin’s wish come true. It occurred to me that I’ve talked a lot about the preparatory part of this whole thing, but not about what we’re going to do once we’re there. …

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The biggest worry my kids with #Autism have about our upcoming trip

One of the biggest concerns we have about leaving for so long is in regards to our ferrets. We know that cat will be fine and Maggie is being boarded. The ferrets however, are very social animals and need that social interaction in order to be happy. They have each other but having to stay …

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Everything is quiet

Everyone is relatively quiet today. I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s really nice to exist in relative quiet sometimes. I can hear myself think and it greatly reduces my immediate stress. No one’s complaining and they seem content doing their own thing. Gavin’s in his room, Emmett’s is his own room, Lizze is …

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The last 12 hours have been rough

The last twelve hours have been pretty rough for me. Something I ate yesterday is not agreeing with me. My stomach is still upset and feels like it’s cursing me out. I went to bed early last night and was hoping to feel better in the morning but that wasn’t the case. I had been …

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3 – 2 – 1—Meltdown

Emmett had a pretty rough morning today. He was really upset about his inability to wear different shirts because of how they feel on him. He’s been wearing the same shirt to school every day because it’s the only shirt that doesn’t bother him. We of course wash it all the time, and cleared this …

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