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We’re 3 steps closer to having Gavin’s greatest wish granted

I was able to make some progress in my quest to get ready for Gavin’s Wish granting trip to Florida at the end of the month. Aside from packing, making needed purchases and planning the physical drive, we have quite a few other things that need to be addressed before we leave. One of those …

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No pukers allowed

Emmett had a great day at school today and Elliott is still sick. When I picked Emmett up, one of the staff members told me that four kids went home due to vomiting. That sucks because it tends to spread through the school. I’m hoping that the weekend will be enough to avoid that kind …

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Emmett did a great job

Emmett got off to school this moring without any major problems. We had to swing by Walgreens and pick up a few things for his lunch, before dropping him off at school. He actually did a great job of picking his things out. Historically, Emmett doesn’t do well with making decisions, especially when there’s a …

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Another Lego creation by Gavin

I’ve no idea what he’s calling this particular masterpiece, but he built it while hanging out with my Mom the other day. She was kind enough to send me a picture and I’m sharing it with you. Gavin in loves sharing pictures of his Lego creations. The little dog next to him is Cleo, the …

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Another missed day of school

Mr. Elliott will be home sick once again. He seems to be feeling better during the day but worse towards bedtime. That’s pretty common I think. The problem is that he was running a fever yesterday afternoon and hasn’t been fever free for twenty-four hours yet. I’m going to try and get all his makeup …

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It’s not looking good at this point

First of all, things aren’t looking good for the many people in the path of Hurricane Irma. My heart goes out to all in its path, as well as those putting their lives back together in its wake. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who lost their lives in this truly terrible …

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