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I went to bed super early

I was so exhausted from the day of challenges I made it through that I fell asleep about 7:30 PM, while Lizze was putting the boys to bed for the night. It felt so good to go to bed that early, that is until I just woke up and can’t go back to sleep. I …

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Never Give-up Hope

I finally got the kids home from school today, both had great days by the way. Let me begin with a very honest statement. While I was holding out hope that we would figure everything out for this trip, it wasn’t easy, especially when it came to the issues with getting a car to make …

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Who would have thought it’d be this difficult

This whole getting ready for the potential journey to Florida, for Gavin’s Wish trip, is unexpectedly stressful. Things are more complicated because we’re driving and that complication comes in the form of the rental car. I say potential journey because if we don’t figure out the rental car, the trip is canceled. Flying isn’t an …

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Sometimes I have to really push myself

It was a rough morning with before school meltdowns, that left me wishing I’d ignored the alarm and continued sleeping. Having said that, I want to make the best of what time I have in the day. Rather than giving into my desire to go straight home after dropping the boys off at school, climb …

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Massive Morning #Meltdown

Elliott had a really good morning but Emmett’s was pretty rough. He had a pretty massive meltdown over some confusion about when we are supposed to sign his homework folder. He was thinking that since it’s Tuesday, we should be signing for Tuesday. We tried explaining to him that we don’t sign for Tuesday until …

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This is a huge victory for us

This will be super short and sweet, because I’m going to bed. For the first time in a long time, both boys went to sleep tonight without any issues. Elliott’s been having a rough time falling asleep and Sunday night was really bad. Tonight however, both he and Emmett fell asleep to Lizze reading Harry …

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