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My day summed up in a 30 second read

While I haven’t gotten much accomplished today, I was able to deal with a utility issue, and get all the paperwork, including PR releases for both organizations involved in our trip. That’s not a ton of work but it’s done and one thing we can check off our list. On the school front, Elliott finished …

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My stress level is at infinity and beyond

Today’s been stressful because I’ve not been sleeping much at night lately, Emmett began the day with a massive meltdown, only to have Elliott join him with one of his own shortly after. I have been trying to get everything ready for us to leave but financially, things aren’t good at the moment. I very …

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I wish I was in a better position today

I got almost no sleep last night. I remember seeing 5 AM before finally passing out from exhaustion. Emmett was struggling with his clothes this morning as well. Lizze was trying to let me sleep but there was to much challenge for just one parent. We definitely had to tag team the boys, in order …

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I don’t need perfect but I do need manageable

I have high hopes for this week. We have a lot going on and a lot that needs to get done. I’m using this week to get our house ready, so we can leave at the end of next week. My motivation for doing what I don’t really have the energy to do is the …

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Elliott isn’t able to fall asleep tonight

Elliott is having one of those nights where he’s unable to fall asleep. Melatonin isn’t even helping tonight. He’s not bouncing off the walls or anything like that. He’s simply laying in bed, unable to sleep. At this point, I told him he could watch Netflix on his tablet for a little bit. I’m hoping …

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Emmett drew himself as a superhero and it’s adorbs

For an art project at school, the kids were asked to draw themselves as a superhero. In my book, these kids are all superheros on their own, but this was much more fun. ☺ Emmett drew himself as Harry Potter. Lizze has been reading Harry Potter to the boys each night and Emmett’s a big …

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