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Fingers crossed

Not sure how today is going to go. The boys are moving very slowly and Emmett’s saying that he doesn’t feel well. I’ve got lunches made and the car warming up but I don’t know what’s going on just yet. Emotionally the boys seem to be doing a little bit better or so I thought. …

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I finally feel like I’ve put some checks in the win column

We’ve had a pretty good day. There have been some challenges but we made it through. I wanted to share a couple highlights from today before I go to bed. First of all, I was able to set up a temporary area in my bedroom, where I can record podcast episodes and interview guests remotely. …

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I’m heartbroken that he thought this

Emmett has been sleeping in my room since his mom left. He’s afraid that if he’s not right there, he could wake up and I’ll be gone as well. There’s no way to really navigate this in the short-term and it’s going to take time and patience for him to heal. That’s said, he informed …

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It’s scary, frustrating, overwhelming, and also necessary

I mentioned in recent post that I was overwhelmed. If you’ve been reading for any length of time, that shouldn’t be breaking news. I’m overwhelmed and frustrated for a million different reasons. I thought I would expand upon that some and help you better understand where I’m coming from. I know there will be people …

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I took a big step towards reclaiming my life today

Moving forward is very hard for me. I’m dealing with the loss of someone who’s been a huge part of my life for literally half of my life. It’s a process made more complicated because of how hard the kids are struggling with all of this. I’m with them all the time and seeing them …

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I won’t be perfect but I’ll be better

I slept surprisingly well. Elliott is sleeping in and Emmett is up and working on his puzzle. I’m just getting moving myself but I feel much better than I did last night. I was so upset with myself for not handling Elliott better than I did but a good night’s sleep has helped me to …

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