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Have I said how much I hate 2020?

Emmett’s not been having a good week in regards to school. He’s been in a fever flare for going on a week now and that’s likely contributing to his struggles. As crazy as it sounds, I hadn’t put two and two together until this morning. He’s been doing well since returning to his old school. …

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Emmett just hit a fever cycle

Recently, there was a delay in refilling Emmett’s antivirals that he takes for his fever disorder. With all that had been going on with Gavin recently, I’d opted to use this opportunity to see how he did without them. He did really well for about 2 weeks but just in case, I addressed the issue …

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Special Needs Parenting – What it feels like to watch your kids suffer

I’ve been working for almost a decade to help people better understand what Special Needs Parents go through. Whether it’s Autism, ADHD or even fragile health, there’s a story to be told and insight to be gained by reading it. Every family’s experience can and will be different. Even families dealing with the same diagnostic …

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Emmett’s running another fever tonight because what’s 1 more missed day of school 

Emmett spent the evening in the worst mood imaginable. He had a zero tolerance for everything. Several meltdowns were had in a relatively short period of time, with each one being as unpleasant as the next.  I decided to check Emmett’s temperature and son of a bitch, he’s running a fever. It’s low grade and …

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