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Too much of anything can be a bad tbing

The boys arrived home and seemed to have had a good time, which isn’t surprising.  They didn’t even make it in the door before they immediately began asking to play the Xbox. Lizze and I told them no because they literally just walked in the door. That didn’t make them very happy…  I love video …

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How my wife and I maintain our marriage, while raising 3 kids with #Autism

Even while we’re neck deep in all that goes into raising three kids with Autism and various other special needs, my wife and I put a great deal of importance on maintaining our marriage. Caregiver Burnout resulted in a roughly two-year separation, and we have learned some very valuable lessons from that experience. It’s crucial that …

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This is why I’m not doing so well today

The boys are spending the day with their Grandparents and I just woke up from my nap. I’ve been in pretty rough shape the last few days because my back has gone out.  I suffered a major back injury back in 2001 and it took the better part of twelve years to finally manage the …

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Impressive artwork by Emmett

The other day, Emmett brought this picture home from school. I guess he drew this during his free time and wanted to share it.  I’m impressed with this because he drew a 3D block and then drew it pulled apart, in 3D. That takes some insight into how to manipulate 3D objects and then draw …

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Has anyone faced this bizarre #sensory processing issue before? 

Recently, Emmett has been struggling a great deal more with eating. If you’ve followed our story for awhile, you might recall that we have an enormous challenge when it comes to Emmett and eating. He’s extremely sensory oriented and struggles with things like food, clothes, noise and shitload of anxiety. The anxiety serves to make …

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New health concerns for 2 of my kids with #Autism 

I haven’t had the energy to catch you up on a couple of things that are causing us to be concerned, in regards to the kids.  I’ll start with Emmett because we learned something new about his fever disorder, while we were at the immunologist the other day.  She is the doctor that handles his …

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