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I’m in desperate need of sleep

I had a rough night. I fell asleep around 1 AM and was woke up about 3 AM by Emmett. I don’t remember all the details but he had a nightmare and just wanted to snuggle.  Normally I wouldn’t mind but I’ve spent the last several nights on the couch because Elliott’s been dealing with …

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Here’s why I’ve been offline for 2 days as well as 3 ways you can avoid the same fate

I wanted to explain why I was offline for so long, how the problem was resolved and how you can avoid the same issue

The constant ups and downs of being and #Autism parent

I want to provide a little insight into the ups and downs I face daily, as an Autism parent. This isn’t even what I’d call a bad day but you may be able to see a tiny fraction of what makes life so hard for my family, and other like it… Read More

The boys first day back to school 

The boys had their first day back to school after Spring break. I was worried how things were going to go because of the way routine change at the last minutes. Here’s how they did…. Read More

We had 4 MAJOR #Autism related hurdles to overcome this morning 

Lizze and I had an interesting night. We realized at about midnight, that the boys actually have school today. For some reason I had it stuck in my chronically sleep deprived brain, that they didn’t go back until Tuesday..  That realization sent us into a panic because there are very specific things that absolutely must …

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So this happened last night and it was scary

Last night while I was trying to get Elliott to sleep, we were startled by flashing lights and people screaming. It was roughly 3 am and I hopped up to see what it was.  All I could see from the first floor was flashlights, maybe thirty feet from my window.  Elliott and I went upstairs, …

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