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Review: Rechargeable Magnetic Night Light with Motion Sensor

Review of the Rechargeable Magnetic Night Light with Motion Sensor I received this item for review purposes. I accepted this review with the intention of using it as a night light for Elliott.. It arrived a couple of days ago and ended up being smaller than I had anticipated. Having said that, I actually appreciate …

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You Might Be An #Autism Parent If: The Little Victories

You Might Be An #Autism Parent If: The Importance of Awareness

Please feel free to pass this along, share it to social media or post it on your blog. The idea behind this is to help spread messages of Autism Awareness, Autism Parenting, as well as Autism related facts. ☺️ Do Not edit or modify this image in any way. Share as is and help my …

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.#Autism Awareness Month and The Invisible Line

Autism Awareness month is upon us and I wanted to start things off with a few important reminders.  The Autism community consists of people with many different opinions, experiences, beliefs and approaches to life. Many of these differences can be polarizing in nature and often seems to draw a line in the sand.  This invisible …

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Sometimes I need to purge and this is one of those times

I’ve been trying to finish up a few posts tonight but I’m really struggling. Nothing I write seems to come out in a way that conveys my thoughts accurately and I’m getting really frustrated.  Rather than continue to struggle, I’m going to let my thoughts flow into this entry, without being shaped. As a result, …

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How #depression is impacting my weight-loss journey

After a long night with Mr. Elliott, I’m feeling a bit rundown today. The weather is even shittier than yesterday because we went from warm and rainy to freezing.  Lizze is paying a price as a result and that price is high.  The boys are hanging out with their grandparents for a little bit today. This …

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