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How #depression is impacting my weight-loss journey

After a long night with Mr. Elliott, I’m feeling a bit rundown today. The weather is even shittier than yesterday because we went from warm and rainy to freezing.  Lizze is paying a price as a result and that price is high.  The boys are hanging out with their grandparents for a little bit today. This …

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BIG Update: This will bring you up to speed 

It was a mixed bag yesterday and I apologize for not writing. I’m hoping to bring you all current in the entry.  Let’s start with the fact that Elliott has been unable to fall asleep the last three nights. The only way to get him asleep is to move him to the living room and …

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It’s been a low key feeling blessed kinda day

This is a quick update, as I’ve been otherwise occupied and unable to write much today.  We’ve had a pretty low key kinda day. The car should be fixed sometime today or tomorrow. I have to be present, with ID and registration in order to get the new keys cut.  I spent most of the …

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Today was tough but we were definitely blessed

The car is now at the shop and we made it safely, both there and back. The walk was actually nice and the kids enjoyed it. ☺  We won’t do that very often because of safety issues but today went well. I will say that the walk was probably a bit too much for Gavin …

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Here’s how I’m dealing with the broken down  car

Things have worked out fairly well in regards to our car situation. Insurance covered the tow and the parts cost about $200.  That’s still a lot of money for my family but it could be much, much worse. I get paid on Friday and will be able to take care of it then.  The only downside …

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Sleeping in

It’s a new day and as we approach the hour of 9 Am, only three of us are awake. Gavin and Lizze are still sleeping, while the boys and I are watching cartoons.  We have nothing on the agenda, especially considering our car is out of commission for the immediate future.  I should find out …

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