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Racism in America: This should NEVER be acceptable (NSFW) 

I came across this tonight and was really caught off guard. It shows that racism and hate are alive and well in today’s America. There are some unpleasant and offensive words used in this video, but I sat down with my family and had them watch this with me. This… Read more »

Tuesday is family therapy night for this #Autism family

Tuesday is family therapy night for this family Every Tuesday night we have family therapy. It’s more for the kids, but it’s evolved into more of a family therapy session. We work with the same doctor we’ve worked with for over a decade, and we all look forward to this… Read more »

The boys made it to school a few minutes early 

The boys made it to school a few minutes early today. It was nice watching them walk into the building, know that there’s only four days left of school. As challenging as the summer will likely be, neither one of the boys will be stressed out over school. They both… Read more »

Gavin’s having health issues tonight

You may recall that Gavin sorta refused his IVIG infusion this morning, because he had a mission to go on first (see Why I’m worried about Gavin today). We were simply going to do his infusion tonight, because it wasn’t a huge deal. It was the fact he wanted to put… Read more »

I took my #Autism family to the park

Took the family to the park today. The boys didn’t want to go because they were playing in their room, but as the King of this castle, I decided we needed to get outside for a little bit. The boys went Pokémon hunting, while Gavin explored. While the kids used… Read more »

Why I’m worried about Gavin today

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It started out like a typical Monday morning. It wasn’t anything amazingly awesome, or horrifically terrible. The boys were tough to get moving but we got to school on time.  After dropping the boys off at school, I told Gavin to get his infusion supplies together. Every Monday and Friday… Read more »