(Review) Aftershokz Bluez 2S Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones


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(Review) Aftershokz Bluez 2S Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones


When I was approached by Aftershokz to review their Bluez 2S Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones I was really excited because music is such a huge part of my life and I’m always looking for new ways with which to enjoy it.

I was a bit skeptical at first because I’ve experienced bone conducting products before and they left much to be desired.

The headphones arrived and we’re easily paired with my Note 5. I put them on and immediately began streaming my playlist from Google Play Music.

I will say that there is an initial feeling of wearing them wrong because they don’t actually go into or over your ears. I sorta felt awkward because I kept thinking they had slipped out of place but this is actually by design.

The Bluez 2S headphones are designed to function incredibly well, while leaving your ears open to the things going on around you.

They tickled a little bit at first because you actually hear the music through bone conduction but the sound was really quite good. After a little use, I forgot I was even wearing them.

You might be asking yourself, why I’m even involved with this product?

For starters, I was asked to review it and then I realized just how cool these things were. Not only that but what really sets these headphones apart from anything else I’ve personally used is that listening to music doesn’t interfere with hearing what’s going on around you.

These headphones were designed to allow the ears to remain open while listening to music.

As an example, runners or bikers can listen to music and still be able to hear what’s going on around them. This is a really great idea for safety reasons.

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