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#Autism families are sharing about how @VivintGivesBack has improved their lives and given them peace of mind

For a while now, I’ve been talking about how I use the home automation/security system I received from the Vivint Gives Back Project to keep my kids with Autism safer.

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Why I sent my #specialneeds son to his room

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It’s been one of those days were Gavin being Gavin has really been challenging for me. It’s not his fault and I’m not angry with him at all but I am frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed. 

The issue for me is … Read More

Autism Poll: What kind of education does your child with #Autism receive?

 It Houghton it would be interesting to see how everyone is educating their child on the Autism Spectrum. The idea behind is to allow my readers to gain some insight into how other families are handling education. 

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Very Important Update About Gavin

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It’s been a trying day but I’ve learned one thing that I believe I can say with absolute confidence, Gavin off of Lithium is NOT a good thing. 

I’m sure Lizze will put her two cents in at some point … Read More

Here’s some pictures from today

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It’s been a really long day. I was up with a sick Emmett last night and now I’m up with a sick Elliott tonight. 

I promise I’ll get some writing done soon but until then, I thought I would at … Read More

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