Why I’ve had a change of heart about #Autism Awareness month

As one ages through life, one tends to gain wisdom and insight that they were previously lacking. What I mean by wisdom is learning from one’s past and gaining insights into different ways of thinking.

I’m absolutely no exception to this, and I want to share something that I’ve recently had a change of heart about.

We …

3 items are helping my son with #Autism gain independence  

I’ve spoken about this a few times before, but I wanted to share something we’ve done, to help our low functioning teenager with Autism, gain a bit more independence.

Gavin is seventeen years old and struggles in most areas of his life. He’s unable to remember things, and his cognitive ability is in a slow, unending decline.…

25 awesome pictures from today’s adventures

The boys and I went to the park today. They love hunting Pokémon but also hunting painted rocks.

Theres a local movement where people are painting rocks and literally hiding them everywhere. Sometimes these rocks have a positive message and other times they’re just beautiful works of art. 

The idea behind this is for people to find them, take a pictures, …

My motto for today is Carpe Temporis Punctum

Lizze has been having a rough couple of days. Those of you familiar with Fibromyalgia will understand how changes in the barometric pressure can cause a significant increase in pain, or what’s known as a Fibro Flare. 

Anyway, our weather has been pretty wonky lately and Lizze is paying a price. 

It’s a pretty nice day and I’m thinking …

I’m no longer associated with Guardian Locate 

I have a very important announcement to make and I want to do so in the most tactful way possible. Please understand that I’m not opening this up to questions because I’m not sure it’s appropriate. 

As you may or may not know, I co-founded a company called Guardian Locate. The mission was to provide state of the …

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