I’m trying very hard to keep my kids distracted

I’ve gotten out the habit of writing again. I’m struggling a bit but I’m surviving and determined to get righted. Yesterday the boys had a pleasant visit with their mom and grandparents. They were only gone for a few hours but the quality of those hours is what matters. I used the time to go …

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Can we please show Gavin some love?

Gavin asked me to share this with you. ☺

Super excited about today

Both boys were home from school this morning. Neither were feeling well and there is something going around the school. Thankfully, as the morning went on, they felt better and were able to go in around 10am. I think stress is playing a large role here. Assuming they make it the rest of the day …

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The #Flu Prevention Resource Sheet

The U.S. flu season is just beginning and can last until May (with peak infections hitting between December and February). While it’s far too early to predict the severity of this year’s flu season in the U.S., physicians are encouraging everyone to vaccinate ahead of the anticipated peak infection times. The following resources serve as …

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LifeTown is a gift to the #specialneeds community (S2E6)

(S2E6) I speak with Rabbi Zalman Grossbaun and Jonah Zimilies from LifeTown. LifeTown is a 53,000 sq foot facility built to service the special needs community in Livingston, New Jersey. New Jersey has the highest rate of children with autism in the United States, and the largest population of children on the spectrum live in …

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#Depression sucks: I’m feeling alone right now and not particularly good about myself

I’m feeling completely overwhelmed today. Emmett is sick and Gavin has started cursing every time he gets frustrated. It’s becoming an issue because he already has no filter. Everytime he says something inappropriate, Elliott and Emmett jump all over it. They aren’t fans of cursing and I don’t generally use that language in front of …

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