A Parents Guide to Puberty and Autism (S6E47)

Dr. Whitney Casares and I discuss how to explain physical and emotional changes to neurodivergent teens, address sensitive issues like menstruation and self-exploration, and provide strategies for managing social challenges and inappropriate behaviors. Additionally, we delve into the potential role of medication in easing puberty-related difficulties. Join us for practical advice and insights to help parents guide their autistic children through the complexities of puberty.

Understanding ADHD: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects both children and adults. As parents, understanding ADHD is crucial for providing the right support and treatment for your child. This blog post aims to shed light on what ADHD is, its causes, impact on kids and adults, common myths surrounding the condition, and available treatment options.

The Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow Is The Perfect Weighted Blanket Alternative

Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow

The Original Weighted Pillow by Quiet Mind has become my absolute favorite sensory tool. It’s the perfect weighted blanket alternative.

Broken Plates

The truth about Autism and Special Needs Parenting.

Answering Your Questions About Autism, Parenting, and Dating (S6E51)

On this week’s episode, I sat down with my amazing girlfriend Kelly, and we answer your submitted questions about autism, parenting, and dating when you’re a special needs parent. Kelly and I are both autism parents and we share our experience navigating our parenting journey. We talk about dealing with school related challenges, picking battles, maintaining a relationship while raising autistic kids, and even navigating differences in the way we parent. This was so fun to record and it’s so relatable. You have been asking for us to do this for a while and the wait is over. Let us know what we should talk about next. 🙂

An Inclusive Nationwide Tennis Program For Autistic Kids (S6E50)

Aceing Autism Is A Nationwide Program Empowering Autistic Children Through Tennis

Conversations Dads Should Have But Often Don’t

man carrying baby drawing their foreheads

Fatherhood isn’t just a phase; it’s an evolving role with numerous layers and dimensions. As fathers, you set the bar for what your children come to expect from the world and themselves. Your words and actions guide them, serving as the yardstick against which they measure their worth and understand their environment. Yet, there are …

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Soaps, Success, and Autism: Trevor’s Inspiring Tale (S6E49)

Discover the power of parental support in this episode of ‘The Autism Dad’ podcast. Join us as Tia Hanson shares the uplifting story of her son Trevor, a young man with autism who founded ‘Trev’s Trade Soaps’. This episode celebrates creativity, determination, and the incredible potential within the autism community. A heartwarming tale of success, one soap bar at a time.

Hibi – manage, coordinate & navigate your child’s care

At Hibi, we’re on a mission to ensure that every family caring for a child has the support they need. I’m Sam, a cofounder at Hibi, living in London in the UK. I grew up with family and friends caring for children, including my mum who is an occupational therapist. I’ve worked for years for …

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A Fun Q&A with My Autistic Son (S6E48)

Answering Random Listener Questions with My Autistic SOn

Guy Talk: Communicating About Men’s Health Issues

photo of a man raising baby under blue sky

Talking about health, especially men’s health, has always been a bit of a taboo. But why should it be? It’s time to change the narrative and bring these crucial conversations into the spotlight. Your health is your wealth, as the saying goes, and for men, being informed and open about health issues is not just …

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