Gavin is making sure Santa is taken care of this Christmas

Gavin is a very firm believer in Santa Claus and is insisting on certain things this year.

This isn’t pretty or positive but it’s the truth and that has to count for something

I’m not sharing this because I want people to feel sorry for me. I trying to provide context and perspective for my readers.

I’m cautiously optimistic

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I’m feeling better this morning. I went to bed in a great deal of pain because I keep cutting on tongue on those sharp areas of my teeth. So far, I’m doing pretty good today and I don’t feel quite so overwhelmed. Anyway, I need to get in at least… Read more »

I’ve kept this a secret for 25 years but I’m sharing my story now

For the last 25 years, I’ve lived with a secret that only a few people close to me knew about.

A quick update before I try to go to sleep

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It’s been a crazy long day and tomorrow is going to be even worse, at least for me. I’ll talk about that in the coming days. For now, I wanted to let you guys know how Gavin’s MRI went. Gavin is typically super cooperative but can still be difficult to… Read more »

We’ve arrived at @myakrongeneral for Gavin’s MRI and things have changed

We’ve made it to Akron General but something has change and things now make more sense.

We got some amazing news from @myakrongeneral hospital this morning

We thought Gavin’s incredibly important MRI was canceled due to insurance denying the claim. Here’s what ultimately happened.

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