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I Really Need Your Help

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#Autism parenting is an uphill battle every single day and that’s okay

I’m not looking for life to be easy. I’m not looking for anything to be handed to me either. What I would very much appreciate is a level playing field. Life as a full-time caregiver to four people with special needs is rewarding, challenging, never dull and absolutely exhausting. As… Read more »

Something I do to help my #Autistic son better navigate life and the people in it

Gavin’s been in a really good mood today. He’s usually a good mood kind of person but today was a bit different. I’ve been working with Gavin for years on being able to goof around. He’s so serious all the time, and if you try to joke around or tease… Read more »

Being an #Autism parent has been exceptionally challenging for me today

It’s been a long day. It’s been a very, very long day and my anxiety is through the roof. Between Emmett and his fricking pick eye and Gavin with his incessant talking, and psychosis, I’m frazzled. Emmett has had two rounds of eye drops and should be able to return… Read more »

A light at the end of the tunnel

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It took several phone calls, but we finally have Emmett on the path to recovery. We will hopefully stop anyone else in our house from getting pink eye. On the way home from picking Elliott up from school, we hit the grocery store and then grabbed Emmett’s eye drops before… Read more »

Waiting to hear back

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I got Elliott to school this morning and called the doctor about Emmett on my way to go walking. They didn’t schedule an appointment yet because they may just call in a script. Pink eye is pretty straight forward. Emmett is miserable, and they haven’t called back yet. I’m going… Read more »

Poor Emmett is absolutely miserable

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It was a long night. Emmett slept until 2 AM before waking up in a panic because his eye was glued shut. I applied warm compresses until I was able to pry his eyelids apart. I’m not gonna lie; it was gross. The good news was that my eyes opened… Read more »

You’ve got to be kidding me

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I sort of feel like the powers that be are shooting at the ground around my feet and screaming dance monkey dance. The last seven days have been a nightmarish blur. We’ve survived it, and I’m grateful, but the ride isn’t over just yet. First, we had Gavin come off… Read more »

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