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Welcome to The Autism Dad blog. This blog is all about my life as a single Dad raising my three amazing autistic kids. I’m honest, transparent, and very open about the struggles we face as a family.

My message is one of hope, understanding, education, and perseverance. No matter what life throws our way, we always find a way through it.

This Autism Dad blog dates back to 2010 when I wrote what I thought was a private post.

Turns out it wasn’t.

It also turns out that people all over the world find comfort in reading about my journey as a father and a human being. I’m far from perfect but I never give up and I don’t hide from my mistakes. I figure I’m not learning or living life if I’m not making mistakes. My hope is that my readers can learn from my mistakes along the way and perhaps avoid some of the bigger ones.

My family has been through a lot and life isn’t easy but we are survivors. We never leave anyone behind and despite the challenges, we love the life we have.

I love connecting with my readers, followers, and listeners. All my social links are at the top of the page, and I can usually be found on Twitter, where my DM’s are open. Please feel free to shoot me an email by clicking the contact button over there ->

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Feel free to jump in and get to know us and be sure to check out my podcast. 😉

Helping my son learn to forgive

I had a very challenging morning with my youngest. He’s a ball of rage and pain and fear and anger. He got into it with his brothers this morning and just exploded. This isn’t who he is but rather how he reacts to all the feelings he keeps locked inside. Yes, Mightier helps him manage …

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Moving Abroad With Autistic Kids: A Fool-Proof Guide

Moving abroad with kids that have autism may sound like an impossible challenge. The good news is that it is possible. You can even make things go more smoothly by following the tips below.  Picture sourced at Pixabay – License CC0 Be 100% sure and certain about the move.  When you have kids with autism, …

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It’s Monday for anyone losing track of the days

Generally speaking, Monday and I don’t get along. We’ve been doing this same song and dance for my entire adult life. I feel like Monday tends to shit all over me and that sucks. Typically, I don’t even bring it up because Monday will simply reply with fuck you, I missed a spot. It’s been …

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Fingers crossed that I sleep tonight

You know what? It’s actually been a pretty good day. Obviously, it wasn’t perfect or stress free but I don’t think those days even exist. I feel like we made some progress around the house and for the most part, the kids got along with each other. I’m always grateful for that and it helps …

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