UPDATE 07/09/2019: I Fixed The Contact Form. 

I absolutely love hearing from my readers/listeners and have created this page in order to make reaching out to me a bit easier. I respond to every message but it might take a couple of days. If your message is of a more urgent nature, feel free to send me a second message or reach out to me on Twitter

If your message is business related, here is some basic information that may answer your question: 

  1. I’m always happy to work with non-profits and help to promote a positive message. Please send me a message and explain how you would like to work together. I’ll get back to you ASAP. 🙂
  2. I do not publish guest posts or embed links for free. This blog is my main source of income and literally feeds my special needs family. Therefore a fee applies to all things of this nature. I have a significant platform and extensive social media presence that I’ve worked very hard to build. That does not come free. 
  3. For the current price list, please visit

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