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It’s challenging to navigate life when you’re a special needs parent. My goal is to make life a little easier by creating a curated list of the very best products and/or services that I have personally used with my family. This will be a page where I provide information on products and/or services that I believe will benefit my readers and their families. These will have all been thoroughly vetted and extensively tested by me. I will never include something as a resource if I don’t stand behind it 100%. If you see something listed here, it means that I highly recommend you check it out.  



Help with Behavior

Mightier Helps Kids Emotionally Self-Regulate

Mightier Review

Mightier is a biofeedback program for kids 6-17 years of age, that I’ve been using very successfully with my youngest for over 2 years now. It uses video games and a heart rate monitor to help kids learn to emotionally self-regulate. This means fewer meltdowns, emotional outbursts, and reduced parental stress. The suggested age group is simply a guideline. Younger kiddos can use it with some help from mom or dad, just as kids older than 14 can benefit as well. If you’re family struggles with meltdowns, this Mightier review is for you. Learn More

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Medication Management

HERO Smart Automatic Pill Dispenser

HERO Smart Automatic Pill Dispenser

Hero dramatically changes the way we can manage medications for ourselves or our loved ones. I think the benefits of using Hero are many and aside from the monthly cost, there really isn’t a downside that I can see. Helping someone gain or maintain their independence is so important. This could mean elderly loved ones can remain in their own homes for longer and maybe avoid a nursing home altogether. The hero has the power to make significant improvements to people’s lives and I wish I had discovered it sooner.

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Sensory Products

Huggaroo Sensory Products

Huggaroo Pouch


It’s not very often that I stumble across a product that I feel is important enough to bring to the attention of autism parents. Mightier has been the big one due to its profoundly positive impact on families. It’s been a little while since I’ve brought you something that I truly feel you need to see. I recently came across something called Huggaroo Pouch. The Huggaroo Pouch is a very affordable, high-quality compression sheet and an absolutely amazing alternative to more expensive, heavy weighted blankets.

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Jiobit GPS Tracker

Why in the world do parents need a GPS tracker for their child with Autism? Simply put, roughly 50% of children with Autism will wander away from a place of safety. Autistic kids tend to gravitate towards bodies of water, as well as places like train tracks. The heartbreaking reality is that in far too many cases, these kids lose their lives as a result of drowning or severe injury. Wandering is a fear that is always present in the minds of Autism parents.

Jiobit is something that I believe will save lives. It’s easy to use. The build quality is fantastic, and it works incredibly well. It’s affordable and can be attached in multiple ways. Geofences, unlimited usage, real-time tracking, and a battery that lasts a week or more, make this a solid product.

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Guardian Helmet

Guardian Helmets produces a protective helmet for kids and adults that helps protect them from traumatic brain injury. There are a great many people out there at risk due to things like Autism related headbanging, seizure-related injuries, and others with special needs that are prone to head injury. As a former paramedic, I very clearly understand the need for protective equipment like this, and how it can help to reduce or prevent traumatic brain injury. I would describe this as a soft helmet, as opposed to one with a hard outer shell. The quality of the material seems very good. I haven’t noticed any issues with stitching or seams, and I’m a stickler for things like that.

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Educational Apps


Otsimo is an app that gives you access to AAC and an extensive collection of 80+ ad-free games (in the premium version) designed specifically for special needs kids. AAC is dedicated to treating Autistic kids and those with other developmental disabilities through Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP). The idea is to help kids improve their communication skills, as well as their ability to focus on things that are of less interest to them.

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Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. You will still pay the standard amount so there is no extra cost to you. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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