My name is Rob Gorski, and I’d like to welcome you to The Autism Dad blog (formerly Lost and Tired). I’m a full-time single Dad to three amazing kids. Gavin is 20, Elliott is 14, and Emmett is 12 years old. My kids live with me fulltime and while that’s truly a blessing, it’s also very challenging raising 3 autistic boys alone. In some ways, we are like every other family in the world, and in many different ways, we are not.

Without question, my kids are truly amazing human beings and better than me in every way. I work every single day to be worthy of them.

My blogging journey accidentally began all the way back in 2010 under the title Lost and Tired, as I was searching for a healthier way to cope with life. Over a decade later, this blog contains thousands of pages and over 12,500 posts.

These posts document our journey in a very open, honest, and transparent way. I’ve intentionally left everything intact after I became a single parent because I feel those experiences are still relevant, even if our family dynamic has since changed.

This is the real-life story of a family coping not only with autism but multiple, serious physical and emotional health issues.

While reading, you will bear witness to all the raw emotions I’ve experienced along the way. You’ll experience our true happiness and utter heartbreak. It’s raw, visceral, transparent, and brutally honest. It’s our real-life story and I don’t hide from it.

For over a decade, people from across the globe have found comfort and solace in my thoughts because I’m able to put into words what they’ve been feeling.

I provide support to the Autism community, both publicly and privately.

My mission is to show others of similar circumstances that they are not alone, while at the same time, educating the rest of the world as to what autism families can experience daily.

I do all of this out of a true desire to make a difference and set a positive example for my kids.

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