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I’m Rob Gorski and welcome to The Autism Dad blog, where I openly share my journey as a single father raising three incredible autistic children. I strive for honesty and transparency, offering a candid look into the challenges and triumphs my family experiences.

This blog started in 2010, initially as what I thought would be a private post. To my surprise, it resonated with people across the globe, providing comfort and insight into the human experience. While I’m far from flawless, I embrace my mistakes as learning opportunities and remain committed to persevering.

I hope my readers can glean insights from my experiences and maybe even sidestep some of the pitfalls I’ve encountered. Life hasn’t been easy for my family, but we’re resilient—navigating challenges with love and unity. My aim is to spread a message of hope, understanding, education, and persistence.

Feel free to connect with me; my social media links are readily accessible at the top of the page.

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DeBorah Palmer

My name is DeBorah Palmer and my brother Stephen Palmer has Autism. I’m 57 and Stephen is 55. Our parents both passed away many years ago and it is just Stephen and I, no other siblings. Stephen lives in a Group Home Residence in Queens, New York. I live in Brooklyn, NY. He visits me about once a month. Here is a blog post I wrote about Rosemary Kennedy. https://dancingpalmtrees.com/2016/10/18/rosemary-the-hidden-kennedy-daughter/


Hello there I am currently in a class and I have to write a paper about blogs and those that reflect children with autism. Well I cam across yours and I have some specific questions that I am not finding on here mainly because your page is huge I am not sure where to start. Would it be ok to ask you some questions?


I too feel lost and tired but now I found the autism dad site and feel somewhat hopeful for my son Dominic ! ( he’s such a sweet and kind 8 year old) Im constantly looking up things to help him in his daily life and reading up on the subject always trying to remain positive ! Glad I bumped into you!


I have a 25 yr old son with severe autism. equires restraint once or twice a month. Love him with all my heart but cannot get support for him in my home. Facing out of state placement. Crushed but have no good options. I am 65 and not sure how many more restraints I have left. Any advice. I understand you are not where I am but I am unable to work also.


I’m sending a big virtual hug to you My Sister. I wish I had something more tangible to give, but I just want you to know I’ve prayed for you and your Precious Son❤️
I pray that you’ll receive all that you and your son need to help

Tara Boyce

Does anyone here have any experience with service dogs for autistic kids? I have heard some very encouraging stories, and I’m thinking about looking into it. Looking forward to hearing your opinions. Here is one website of an organization that trains the dogs http://www.dogs4lives.com Any and all input would be greatly appreciated!


We to were looking at a dog for autistic child. But didn’t feel justified being our son has animals to play with etc.
But we did want a dog and one thing to remember is study the breed as some are very low key and adapt well with the surrounding.
We have a few cavachon and those are smaller dogs so of course it’s pros and cons. But he can take it along to bed when he wants to rest or cuddle up in recliner.
So that is our dog story.
Our son has had a few concussion so we are not just dealing with autism.
Life is a challenge but want to take one day at a time.

Brandon Knox

Hello! I’m Brandon. I have four year old that has autism and is non-verbal. I am a stay at home father. I find this blog really helpful and inspiring. I can relate to several topics. Feeling left out when I go to the park and it’s all moms is pretty intimidating. The question, “What do you do for a living?” Also, the hinting by people that you’re not doing enough. Thank you for this blog.


Hi Rob!!! Thank You for doing a job that would make the toughest marine quit and run for cover!!!!
I’ve got three young adults two on the spectrum and one with ADD and suspected HFA.
Sometimes, I wish the government would subsidize for parents of special needs kids. I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but it’s mine. We do more for our kids than most school systems, who although they mean well often make it worse.


Please read about Nemechek Protocol and watch the YouTube videos…of course it is not a cure but this lifestyle change heals…it has helped my family.


Hello I have watched my daughter change over a period of about 8 months and still regressing ! She has lost all her communication verbal and non verbal ! She lost her cognitive abilities and know slowly her physical! I feel perilized that I can not help her or stop the regression ! I ha dnonclue something this horrific existed! It is such a pain ful experience so watch this process happen to my daughter and to see the regression still continuing! They said my daughter was autistic and it was regressional and now I find out that they call CDD regressional autism now …… and when I looked it up on YouTube I found you post and you discrive everything to the tee of what is happening! I need a help and support from someone that is or has gone through this


Hi Michelle. What was her age at diagnosis.
And how old is she now?
My twin boy has been diagnosed with ASD at 1.7 years

Peggy Williams

I want to share your meme about autism meltdowns (has your blog address) in my facebook group. but the one I saw is too small to read. 🙁 Can you share the original meme with me?

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