#Autism + Haircut = MAJOR SUCKAGE

#Autism + Haircut = MAJOR SUCKAGE

Elliott was feeling better this afternoon and I took advantage of that. He was desperately in need of a haircut and he was actually willing to get one. These opportunities don’t come around very often because he hates getting his hair cut.

Normally haircuts are a rather nightmarish event that leaves everyone stressed out and exhausted. It’s a total sensory thing and a strong dislike of change.

I wasn’t sure how things were going to go but I’m pleased to say that Elliott did awesome. ☺

He never complained about having to get is hair cut short. His long hair was proving too much for him to maintain and we told him that we would have to cut it short if he couldn’t maintain it. This is all typical teenage stuff and not really his fault.

Check out the before and after shots. OMG does a haircut make a difference. ☺

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