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I’m raising these three amazing humans. 🙂

Welcome to The Autism Dad blog. This blog is all about my life as a single Dad raising my three amazing autistic kids. I’m honest, transparent, and very open about the struggles we face as a family.

My message is one of hope, understanding, education, and perseverance. No matter what life throws our way, we always find a way through it.

This Autism Dad blog dates back to 2010 when I wrote what I thought was a private post.

Turns out it wasn’t.

It also turns out that people all over the world find comfort in reading about my journey as a father and a human being. I’m far from perfect but I never give up and I don’t hide from my mistakes. I figure I’m not learning or living life if I’m not making mistakes. My hope is that my readers can learn from my mistakes along the way and perhaps avoid some of the bigger ones.

My family has been through a lot and life isn’t easy but we are survivors. We never leave anyone behind and despite the challenges, we love the life we have.

I love connecting with my readers, followers, and listeners. All my social links are at the top of the page, and I can usually be found on Twitter, where my DM’s are open. Please feel free to shoot me an email by clicking the contact button below.

Emerging from darker times

I wanted to pop in and let you know I’m still breathing. It’s been a minute but it’s not because something is wrong. Quite the opposite actually. The boys are doing great and Gavin is continuing down the path to independence. I’m so proud of everyone because we’ve emerged from such a dark time in …

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How to Know if Your Child Needs Mental Rehab: Things to Look For

Children’s mental health disorders occur when there is a significant change in the way a child behaves, learns or handles their emotions. This often leads to distress of some type, creating difficulty in day-to-day tasks. Behavior disorders, anxiety and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) are the most common, though others can occur, including depression and bipolar disorder. …

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Why I still wear a mask, even though I’m fully #vaccinated

I wanted to take a second and put this out there because I truly believe that it’s really important. Everyone in my immediate family (myself and the boys) are fully vaccinated for COVID. We’re in pretty good shape in my house and I’m so incredibly grateful for that. That being said, not everyone is so …

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Moving forward

It’s been a pretty good day. We got off to a rough start with the boys and school but everything worked out. I was finally able to get a tree service out to gut the back of my property. I’ve been trying for months to get someone out and it’s nearly impossible right now because …

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