Do you ever have one of these days? 

If you’re a special needs parent, struggling to navigate this challenging life you been given, you are not alone. I’ve had a particularly challenging day with my three kids with Autism, so I get it. 

Today was one of those days where I could feel myself cracking at the seams and I had to dig down deep, just to make it through. 

Our day was plagued by sensory issues and it resulted in both my youngest staying home from school today.… Read More

Sensory Processing Disorder: Unless you live it, you probably won’t get it

This morning was the stuff of nightmares. It’s picture day at school, and both Elliott and Emmett are dressed up, looking quite spiffy. Both were excited about pictures and very much looking forward to going to school.

Then it became time for shoes and socks.

Emmett went into it with a fantastic can-do attitude, as did Lizze and I.… Read More

The heartbreaking reality of sensory processing disorder (video) 

I’ve been talking about sensory issues in regards to my kids for years. The story always seems to revolve around shoes, socks, and school, especially in Emmett’s case.

Almost every single morning, we spend upwards of an hour or more, trying to help Emmett tolerate his shoes and socks.

There are times that we succeed in overcoming these obstacles and there are days in which we don’t even come close.… Read More

Why #Autism Parenting blogs are SO important

There are always those people who don’t understand or misunderstand the purpose of this site or my writing style. I wanted to provide some insight into the how’s and why’s because I’ve received a large influx of new readers and I’d like everyone to understand why I do this. 

​I’m connecting with quite a few families that are just beginning their Autism journey.… Read More

I’m in a relationship with depression and it f@cking sucks

If you’re new to the neighborhood, you might be interested to know that I like to speak very openly about mental health. I’m a firm believer in the there’s nothing to be ashamed of approach. 

Over the years I’ve spoken very candidly about our Autism journey and every other thing that we’ve found in our life path. 

When it comes to myself, I’m no exception.… Read More

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