Will you stand with me? 

While I avoid politics on this site, I feel compelled to take a stand and use my platform to share a message that I hope with resonate with my readers. 

I don’t care who you voted for in this election. Right or wrong, I believe that we each voted for someone we felt would do right by our country and its citizens.… Read More

#Autism Dad Confessions: I feel so much stress and pressure that I’m physically ill

Part of my job is to help the world at large better understand what goes into being an Autism parent.  A large component of that unfortunately, is stress related. 

This post is all about the things that have me so stressed out at this point that I’m physically ill. 

Some of you will be able to relate while others may not but what matters most to me is getting the information out there.Read More

This #Autism Dad is climbing up on his soapbox for a good cause

I know I probably sound like a scratched record but I’m going to keep climbing up on my soap box for this one because I truly believe it’s just that important. 

As important as this topic is, it’s more often than not overlooked. 

I’m talking of course about taking care of ourselves.… Read More

Why are my wife and I in marriage counseling? 

Lizze and I ended up somewhere today that until recently, I never thought would be necessary. That said, sometimes life has a way of throwing in a detour every now and again. These are unexpected twists and turns that can throw us off course. 

My wife and I experienced one such event about two years ago.… Read More

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