Mightier Review 2024: Helping Kids with Autism and ADHD Manage Meltdowns

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As a parent of children with autism and ADHD, managing meltdowns and emotional self-regulation is a daily challenge. Mightier, a game-based program developed by clinicians at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, has been a game-changer for us. Using biofeedback, Mightier helps kids learn emotional regulation skills through fun, engaging games. Learn more by reading my full Mightier Review 2024 below.

What is Mightier?

Mightier is designed for children ages 6-14, particularly those with autism, ADHD, anxiety, and anger issues. It includes over 25 games that help children practice calming techniques in real-time. The program’s core components are:

  • Mightier Game App: Features games that adjust based on the child’s heart rate, teaching them to remain calm under pressure.
  • Heart Sensor: A Bluetooth-connected armband that monitors the child’s heart rate, providing real-time feedback.
  • Monthly Skill Packs: Off-screen activities that reinforce emotional awareness and coping skills.
  • Parent App: Offers insights into the child’s progress and access to a supportive community.
  • Family Care Team: Provides additional support for families.

The cost is $40/month with a 30-day money back guarantee.
One subscription works for the whole family and includes:

  • A Mightier heart sensor
  • The Mightier Game App with 25+ games
  • The Mightier Parent App to track your child’s process
  • Monthly Skill Packs to explore emotions
  • Access to the Mightier Family Care Team for tech and program support
  • Optional tablets are available at no cost if you do not have one at home
  • Visit Mightier at https://www.mightier.com/plans-promo/ and use the code “theautismdad” at checkout to save 10%.
  • Please note that there is a $25 shipping charge for shipping internationally.

You can add an optional tablet at checkout.

There are significant discounts for prepaid six-month and twelve-month subscriptions as well

The Science Behind Mightier

Mightier is based on the principles of biofeedback, a technique that trains individuals to improve their health by controlling physiological processes. In Mightier, the heart sensor measures the child’s heart rate and reflects their emotional state. The games are designed to become more challenging when the heart rate increases, encouraging children to practice calming techniques to succeed in the game. This real-time feedback helps children develop emotional regulation skills. Research has shown that biofeedback can be effective in reducing stress and improving emotional regulation, making it a valuable tool for children with autism and ADHD.

As a special offer for my readers, use the discount code theautismdad22 at checkout to save 10%.

Our Experience

We used Mightier for many years when my kids were younger, and it worked incredibly well. Mightier helped my kids learn to both recognize their emotions and then deal with them in a more constructive way. These skills are invaluable and will benefit them throughout their lives.

Emmett, for example, initially struggled with meltdowns and outbursts due to frustration, anxiety, or being overwhelmed. After a few weeks of using Mightier, he began practicing the calming techniques taught within the games. This kept his heart rate in the normal range and made the games more enjoyable. The cause-and-effect nature of the games helped him understand and manage his emotions better.

I even saw him applying techniques like taking deep breaths in real-life situations, especially with his brothers. It’s such an awesome feeling to see my kids growing not only physically but emotionally as well. Witnessing Emmett handle conflicts and frustrations in a more composed manner was incredibly rewarding.

We tried various therapies, including OT, PT, and cognitive behavioral therapy, but it took something like Mightier for him to connect the dots. The interactive and engaging nature of Mightier made learning these emotional regulation techniques enjoyable for him. Over time, these skills have become second nature, positively impacting his daily interactions and overall emotional health.

Using Mightier has not only helped Emmett but also reduced our family’s overall stress, creating a more harmonious home environment. The progress we’ve seen has been nothing short of remarkable, and I’m confident these skills will continue to benefit him throughout his life.

Benefits of Mightier

  • Reduces Meltdowns: Helps children practice calming techniques, leading to fewer emotional outbursts.
  • Improves Self-Regulation: Teaches children to recognize and control their emotional responses.
  • Engaging Learning: Uses fun, interactive games to keep children motivated and engaged.
  • Real-Time Feedback: The heart sensor provides immediate feedback, reinforcing emotional regulation skills.
  • Supports Various Therapies: Complements other therapeutic approaches like OT and cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Family-Friendly: One subscription covers the entire family, promoting shared learning experiences.
  • Parental Insights: The parent app offers valuable insights into the child’s progress.
  • Science-Backed: Developed by clinicians at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital.
  • Skill Reinforcement: Monthly skill packs provide additional off-screen activities.
  • Community Support: Access to the Mightier Family Care Team for extra guidance and support.
  • Reduced Parental Stress: Parents experience less stress as children learn to manage their emotions more effectively.


Mightier has made a significant impact on our family’s daily life. It’s an excellent tool for parents seeking to help their children with autism and ADHD manage meltdowns and improve emotional self-regulation. I highly recommend giving Mightier a try.

As a special offer for my readers, use the discount code theautismdad22 at checkout to save 10%.

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