The sweet story behind this thermos

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This may look like an ordinary thermos, sitting on my nightstand but it’s not, at least not tonight.

After I got home from taking Elliott to his last day of physical therapy, I wasn’t feeling well. Lunch wasn’t agreeing with me and I needed to lay down in order to make it through the nausea.

I woke up after a little while because Emmett had quietly snuck into my room, rubbed my back for a minute and placed this thermos on my nightstand.

He explained to me that he knew my stomach was upset and so he made me some ginger tea because it knows that can help with nausea.

That was so incredibly thoughtful and sweet of him.

Lizze and I have clearly done something right along the way.. ☺ 💙

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1 Comment on "The sweet story behind this thermos"

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How nice. It’s good that he did this and you should feel good.