Welcome to The Autism Dad Blog

Thanks for stopping by to check out my little corner of the world. Let me welcome you to The Autism Dad blog (formerly Lost and Tired). The purpose of this blog is to provide insight into the life of my family raising three totally awesome boys with Autism and various other special physical/emotional needs.

What makes this so unique is that it’s from a Dad’s perspective. 

I provide support to the Autism community, both publicly and privately. 

My mission is to show others of similar circumstance that they are not alone, while at the same time, educating the rest of the world as to what Autism families can experience on a daily basis.

I do all of this out of a true desire to make a difference and set a positive example for my kids.

Should you desire to learn more about my situation without reading through hundreds of posts, simply click here….



Parenting Tip: Many children with ASD experience breakouts of hives (urticaria). What do hives look like? Clusters of swollen red, pink or pale welts that are itchy and painful. They are usually activated by environmental and stress triggers and can be treated, but it will mean a trip to the doctor.