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A Year in Review and Season 6 Updates (feat. Rob Gorski) S5E51

In this brief episode, I share a look back at Season 5 and a glimpse of what I have in store for Season 6. Thank you all for helping to make this podcast such a success. I’m looking forward to continuing to bring you content that is positive, relevant, and educational. Have a fantastic holiday …

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Listener’s Question: Dealing with Unsupportive Family (feat. Rob Gorski) S5E42

This week’s Listener Question is about how to deal with an unsupportive family member or a family member that doesn’t understand or accept your child’s autism diagnosis. I hope this helps, and please continue to send your questions. Host Bio: Rob Gorski is a single Dad to three amazing autistic boys and Found and CEO …

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Quick Take Bonus: How to talk to your kids about autism (feat. Rose Hughes)

This is a Quick Take Bonus Episode answering a listener’s question: “How do I talk to my kids about autism?” To grab the full episode, and listen to the entire conversation, click here. My friend Rose joins me today to help parents navigate this challenging situation. Rose just happens to be autistic and has a …

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Understanding meltdowns in less than 10 minutes (S5E19)

We use the words’ meltdown and tantrum in the autism community all the time, but do we really know what they mean? In the next 6 minutes, you will learn everything you need to know to gain a better understanding of both meltdowns and tantrums, as well as how to tell the difference between the …

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Singer/Songwriter & Autistic Advocate (feat Cory Singer) S5E15

My guest today is for the first episode of my new Autistic Voices Series is none other than Cory Singer. Cory is an accomplished singer/songwriter and Tiktok sensation, who just happens to be autistic. He uses his massive platform to talk about autism. Cory uses his personal experience as an autistic person to create about …

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Parents Discuss Regressive Autism and ABA Therapy (feat. Eileen Lamb) S5E14

Eileen Lamb (The Autism Cafe) is an autistic mother of two autistic kids. She’s here for a parent-to-parent discussion about the reality of regressive autism and ABA therapy, based on first-hand, personal experience. Guest Bio: Eileen Lamb, author of “All Across The Spectrum” and “Be The One,” is the founder of The Autism Cafe. She’s …

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Kate Swenson: Autism, Parenting, Hope, and Healing (S5E13)

I have a great parent-to-parent conversation with my friend Kate Swenson (Finding Cooper’s Voice). We share some of our best autism parenting stories that inspire hope and healing.

Listening to Autistic Adults (feat. Dennis Procopio) pt1 S5E7

My guest today is Dennis Procopio. Dennis is a life couch for men and an autism Dad. He’s been on the show a few times and he’s here today to talk about Dad stuff and share some autism parenting stories. This is a great conversation and ends up going to a place I hadn’t seen …

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