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Today we kept Gavin home from school because we need to meet with his teachers and discuss how he is handled in class.

Gavin's teachers this year just don't see through the manipulation. They treat him like a victim.
Anyway, Gavin is having issues keeping his hands to himself. He derives a sexual pleasure from physical contact with others.

At school he has meltdowns daily. His reward for getting under control is a hug. Also they rub or roll balls all over his body because he likes it and it "relaxes" him.
They haven't caught on that he may be having the meltdowns simply to get them to touch him. This is a huge problem. We met with Patti this week and decided that there will have to be a no physical contact rule.

As a parent this is heart breaking to have to do. However if he is getting sexually charged by touching people then it has to happen. We are allowed to let him shake hands and that is about it. He can hang out with us as usual but just hands to himself.

Elliott sat next to Gavin this afternoon. Elliott stood up on the couch next to him and Gavin started rubbing Elliott's legs. It wasn't accidental either it was disgusting. Gavin was sent to his room and Elliott was reminded that he cannot sit by Gavin.
Everything happens so quick it is almost impossible to keep them apart. We NEVER leave Gavin alone in a room with any of the kids. Things still happen any way.

We try to keep Gavin's room a fun place to be for him so he chooses to be up there more often. He is getting most of his stuff back in his room now. We had to remove everything because was eating it. You heard me correctly, he was eating anything he could fit in his mouth. We made many trips to the children's hospital this summer because of the things he ate. He has eaten entire books, hard plastic fish, paint, his carpet, paper clips, dust, link, his own toe jam ect…. He even ate all the threads off his comforter.

We had to remove everything for his own safety. We have to try to stay one step ahead of him.

Everyone is paying a very high price for having to cater our lives around Gavin's current mood. We never leave the house, we have lost almost all of our friends and our entire family on my wife's side. The kids have no friends because no one can come over. Elliott starts preschool any time now and that will be good for him.

I don't know how much longer we can hold on..

Looks like tomorrow is going to be a snow day anyways. God helps us, please…

Lost and Tired

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