Gavin’s “sick”

Gavin’s “sick”

As I stated prior Gavin turns 10 in the morning. This morning started with a "tummy ache". This is a difficult situation to manage because Gavin tends to have "stomach aches" when he doesn't get his way. He has learned to use them as a manipulation tool to get something he wants or get out of something he doesn't want to do.

It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between sick and manipulation. Today his tummy "conveniently" hurt. It seem to come and go depending on the situation. We made him stay in bed for a good part of the day for two reasons. We wanted him to learn a lesson if he was faking and get some rest if he wasn't.

He said he was going to "puke" this morning so we had him skip breakfast, just in case. He had a bowl of homemade veggie soup for lunch and then wanted a bunch of junk food. He came down after quiet time and felt better. Then before dinner he said he was going to "puke". I found him hugging the toilet. The problem with this is he will make himself throw up because he thinks he needs to. So I made him lay back down.

About an hour later he wanted to come down and watch me play Halo Wars on the 360. Shortly after he went up stairs and "puked". He was gone for maybe 2 minutes. He came down with a smile and was ready to eat dinner. We told him if he really just got sick then he needs to stay away from food and go lay down.

How are we suppose to know for sure when he's sick and when he's something else. We don't want him to think we don't believe him but the reality is we don't. I know I sound terrible saying that but he had cried wolf so many times. There's always an angle. I wish it was easier to know the difference.

Well tomorrow is a new day and his birthday. Happy birthday Gavin. We love you.

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