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Today has come and gone and where are we? Eliott Richards party was moved home from grandma and grandpa's house. Lizze and Emmett John were both sick today so we needed to change the venue.

I think it went over quite well actually. Elliott Richard was very happy and is currently exhausted.

Gavin is a different story all together. While we haven't seen any fits today we were constantly repeating ourselves. He was on the verge of being out of control all day long. Dr. R has increased the Zyprexa to 15mg in the am. He is still on 10mg at night. This is being done to hopefully silence the voices in his head. As with any med change we will have to watch him for a few days to make sure there are no side effects (especially with the increased dose).

My parents were here today and they are very supportive but I know they don't understand. We still get the looks when we correct Gavin for what may seem like no reason. We are very in tune with the way his mind works and we have learned to read the body language and know when enough is enough. I could explain over and over why we do things this way but honestly it's a waste of time and energy as no one will understand.

We have recently connected with a family through this blog. My wife and I can very much relate to this family. They face many of the same challenges we do. This is only the second time I can say for certain that someone knows what we are going through. Mark and Debbie are friends of ours from Gavin's school. They know what we go through because they go through it to. Our new friends Mandi and John are in the same boat. These are all amazing human beings and very good parents.

I am grateful because we can share our experiences with each other. It's nice to know you aren't alone isn't it.

We also have made friends with a family that isn't necessarily going through what we are but know about great sacrifice. They are a military family. Yeah I'm looking at you, Nicole and Chris. They have always been supportive as well and we truly appreciate them and the sacrifices they make to keep us safe. They have never judged us and only ever offered kinds words and prayers.

I just want to thank you all for being a part of our lives and being there for us and allowing us to be there for you.

Lost and Tired

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My goodness, those pictures of your family are GREAT! What beautiful children. I love the Lizze's belly pic as well :)John and I feel fortunate as well to realise we are not alone. God Bless you all, you are all such inspirations!Mandi