What life is like part 3

What life is like part 3

When you have a special needs child like Gavin your social life goes out the window. I consider myself lucky if I get to watch Law in Order that was DVR’d a week ago. Most of our friends and some of our family are already gone. No one understands that you can’t just get a sitter or that it’s not a good idea to bring Gavin to whatever is going on. In order to get a sitter we have to keep in mind what Gavin my be like while your gone. We usually try to send Elliott Richard and Emmett John to one place while Gavin goes somewhere else. We are never comfortable sending all the kids to the same place (except in emergencies).
If we can barely handle Gavin then there is simply no way we can expect anyone else to.

So as you can imagine we don’t get out very often if ever. It takes its toll on you after awhile. Lizze and I have been together for 9 years and are lucky to get to dinner and a movie once a year or so at the most.

It’s hard to watch people disappearing from our lives because either they don’t understand our lives or get tired of us having to turn down invites.

We have learned to rarely if ever make plans for the future because something always comes up. People start to take things personally when you cancel at the last minute because Gavin is having a meltdown. Believe me I would rather be anywhere then trapped at home while the entire house is literally shaking from Gavin freaking out.

Most importantly we learn to be alone. We became isolated after awhile and not by choice. It just works out that way.

To be continued…..

Lost and Tired

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