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Gavin had an interesting day. By interesting I mean bad. I am becoming more frustrated with Gavin’s school situation as a whole.

We get a summary of his day, every day. They use moon’s as the behavior grading system. Full moon is great and new moon is bad. So when we ask Gavin how his day was he says “8 full moons” as an example.

We have been struggling with this because it doesn’t appear to be very accurate. Gavin was sent to the principles office again today (this has become a daily occurrence) because he was out of control. He missed all of reading class because of his behavior. He received a 3/4 moon for a class he didn’t even attend. Are they grading on a curve? On what planet does that qualify as a 3/4 moon.

Maybe I’m being strict or expecting to much from Gavin but in my opinion any day he is sent to the principles office is a BAD day. He goes to the principles office at least once a day for behavioral issues. I don’t understand how that helps him. If he gets sent to the office during a class because of choices he has made then that should be a “new moon”. Right?

I mean as he gets older he won’t be able to get away with the things he gets away with now. Our stance is that his only real chance (ha ha that rhymes) is to ride him pretty hard now to curb the behavioral issues. No one is going to be understanding when he’s older and still doing these things. Does any of this make sense? He will simply go to jail.

I don’t know how to get the school to grasp this concept. It’s pretty simple in my opinion. There has to be natural consequences and realistic expectations. Gavin’s therapist is having a meeting with the school next week to clear up any confusion as to what his capabilities are.

I’m not going to hold me breath. I will probably just continue to bang my head into the wall out of frustration until this is resolved.

Lost and Tired

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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probably the best thing you can do is get a new IEP sounds like he is a big scammer my older of the twins Caitlyn is that way she will scam til they found something that works mind you she's 6 and loves stickers so they use that to their benefit. I hope you have a good session with the teachers to determine what will work for him, cause it sounds like he's need the pushing.

You're welcome


maybe you need to tell him they aren't pushing him hard enough or that this behavior isn't tolerated. I have twins who are autistic and well our kids are being pushed and they love it. Sure they get cranky but it sounds like it's time for here it's called a PPT meeting NY it's a CSE. Time for everyone to meet to grasp the situation fully. I am sorry your having trouble. Sounds like he's coasting through and just being passed instead of making sure he's learning. Good luck I follow you on Twitter (DarkAngelNY)

Lost and Tired

WOW that was a really fast reply.

I completely agree. The problem with Gavin is that he is manipulating the teachers. They aren't pushing him enough. If they push him he gets mad and they back off. So in his mind (and in reality) he wins. We are having another meeting next week with everyone involved. We want a new IEP also that will address these issues.

Thanks again.

Lost and Tired