When I started this blog a while back (originally at blogger) I was just using it as a safe place to vent my frustrations. I didn’t expect anyone to actually read it let alone follow it. For so long my wife and I felt so alone. There are no places around here for support. The support groups that are close we always felt out-of-place. Gavin isn’t nonverbal and sometimes we can’t get him to stop talking. How could we go somewhere and complain about him always talking and saying inappropriate things when we were sitting next to parents who would give anything just to hear their child talk. It just felt wrong.

However, since starting this blog I have found that there are many families out there just as lost and tired as we are. I have learned that we all are facing many of the same challenges just maybe in different ways. I have been truly humbled by the comments I have received. You guys are amazing. I realize now that we aren’t alone anymore. I hope that this continues to evolve. It’s amazing how much we have in common with so many of you out there.

I do have one request. If you have a blog please leave me a link so that I may follow you as well. I am still new at this and don’t really know how to find it otherwise.

Thanks again


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Sent you a direct message on twitter with the info for my blog! Mind you, ain't nothing fancy, but you have inspired me to work on it a little more.

Jo Leather

Amazing, the power of the internet to comfort, isn't it? Glad you have found support!


I started to think my bf and I were alone but when we found out that others felt that way it made us feel better as well my blog is http://darkangelny.wordpress.com/ and I have a blogger one as well http://kids4specialneeds.blogspot.com/ also I don't know if this will help you but I have a social site for special needs. http://kids4specialneeds.ning.com