Well intentioned CRAP!!!!! -

Well intentioned CRAP!!!!!

I realize people don’t understand what raising a child with autism is like. Maybe they have unrealistic glimpses of what it’s like when they spend brief periods of time with them. But I cannot take one more person telling me that “Thank God he isn’t deaf, he’s only autistic”. As well-intentioned as they maybe it shows the amount ignorance there is in our country today. I have had at least 5 people say something to that effect since yesterday.  They truly have no idea.


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That would drive me nuts! It’s as if they are minimizing your feelings regarding serious concerns. Actually, that sounds like something my mother would say. Yes, you are right! People have NOOOO idea. ONLY autistic?? Hey, I’d like to add you as a fb friend. Do you have a link? I guess I could just try looking your name up but I did that once before with an old highschool friend but it turned out to be the wrong person. If you search Mandi Erickson Coats, my profile pic is a blue puzzle piece picture. Take care!


Lost and Tired

I sent you a request


I apologize for my contribution to the crap. I said hooray for perfect hearing on your Facebook page. You're absolutely right–I don't have the first clue what it's like to have an autistic child. I'm sorry. I'll leave off further commentary in the future.

Lost and Tired


I was not refering to you. My post on facebook was a bit misleading because I ended it with a smiley face on accident. I meant to put a frowny face. Anyway I didn't take offense to your comment. It was innocent. Plus I have known you since you were like 3 yrs old. Thank you for the apology it was nice but unnecessary.



It amazes me how little people know. I have worked with children most of my adult life and children dealing with autism are one of the hardest to work with (rewarding, but hard.. U know what I mean). There is no "magic formula" in dealing w/ autistic children. U have to be constantly aware of Everything that is going on with then and around them.. It's exausting. I think that's what makes it so difficult, there is NO time for anything else. As I have said before, I truly wish I lived near to u so I could help out. Ur battle is all day/night everyday. It is to much for a family to handle alone. I think of u often and send u strength. Let me know if I can help with anything off site (research, phone calls, etc)


I agree with you completely. I hate when people say well atleast it’s not…(insert word) it’s only autism. I swear people have no clue what it entails. The crazy mood of Autism, feeling like your loosing your child to the illness, lack of interaction the kid shows. I hate when people act like Autism isn’t a big deal. In some ways it’s bigger than being deaf, if your deaf you can see about a hearing aide. If you are autistic well that is a messy can of worms that entails alot of work and dedication.

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