Gavin and the bloodwork nightmare

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So Gavin’s depakote was doubled a couple of weeks ago and so we needed new bloodwork to check his liver and the depakote levels. Wednesday Emmett John had his follow up from the ABR so while we were there we scheduled Gavin for the following day.

Thursday morning rolls around and his appointment is a nurse only appointment at 10 am. It was set up like this so he didn’t have to wait there by reducing his over all anxiety.

So Lizze gets there and they are waiting and one of the nurses come out and tell her they aren’t going to do the blood work because it’s to soon. Keep in mind that Gavin has a standing order for blood work. So we just go in when we need it. Lizze explained that his meds were increased and his doctor needs the levels.
The nurse leaves and then the lab tech refuses to drawl the blood because she doesn’t think its been enough time since the last time (which was 2 weeks ago). Lizze once again explains what is going on and they decide now it’s time to question the doctor. So they call the doctors office and we never did find out what happened with that.

This whole time Gavin is sitting there absorbing all of this and went into sensory overload. They eventually agreed to do the blood work but not until shoving Gavin over the edge.

Lizze is texting me what’s going on while it’s happening so I know what’s going on. So now I’m really pissed off because we have a nurse and lab tech playing doctor. What would have happened if his levels were so out of whack that it was damaging his liver and we couldn’t find out because twiddle dumb and twiddle stupid were refusing to drawl his blood. The whole appointment was prearranged we’ve done this many times before and the nurse and lab tech were not new. I have no idea where the line of communication broke down but I fully intend to find out.

I called administration and I was ready to unload because they shouldn’t do that to any child let alone an autistic one with extreme anxiety issues. All I got was voicemail. I didn’t leave a message because I was way to upset to diplomaticly handle this. I figure I will call back on monday morning and address it then.


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god talk about what sounded like a day from hell. Hopefully it will get better and people who aren't doctors won't pretend to be them. Some people just don't know when to do just do their job.