Gavin: The big little brother

As time goes by it becomes more and more apparent that Gavin (although the oldest) is the little brother to Elliott Richard.

I was watching them play together (they have to be supervised) and Gavin will do something to Elliott Richard to upset him like the other day he said ” Elliott it’s nothing personal but I’m just wondering why you are in school yet. Why aren’t you in school?”. This is a very sensitive issue with Elliott Richard. Right now he is on a waiting list for preschool. He desperately wants to go to school and Gavin knows it. So when he says things like this it causes all sorts of problems. Elliott Richard will cry and we will send Gavin to his room to give everyone a break. Then Elliott Richard will come running over telling us he forgives Gavin and wants Gavin to stay downstairs with him.

Gavin just says what ever is on his mind with no regard for how it will impact others. I realize that he’s an aspie but there I are times that you can tell he knows exactly what he is doing. Then he tried to hide behind the “I didn’t know that wasn’t nice to say” crap.

20hrs and counting till school is back.


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